Time to clean house


To the editor:

(re: “Antisemitic hatred is on full display, electeds say,” July 21)

It is certain that a bad situation will get worse if there is no pushback.

Clearly, antisemitism has increased over the years at many leading colleges and universities. Many such institutions have turned a blind eye at what was happening at their campuses. Faculty members and administrators did nothing to prevent antisemitic activities from happening.

In fact, they encouraged and supported those hateful activities.

As a graduate of CUNY, I was always very proud of that institution. There was a very diverse student body, and there was no problem co-existing — except in 1949, there was a student strike against two faculty members. Some old-timers may remember those days. Racism and prejudice was unacceptable.

Now, in recent years, there has been a growing problem with antisemitism and intimidation toward Jewish students.

Finally, there is a leader who called out the problem. Councilman Eric Dinowitz, chair of the higher education committee, who brought this issue forward. The chancellor, Félix Matos Rodriguez, was invited to the meeting, but unfortunately did not attend.

He was given a month’s notice of the meeting. That is shameful!

People who are responsible to deal with critical issues needed to address those issues. Many complaints were sent to him, and there was no evidence of a policy change.

Chancellor Rodriguez, it’s time to clean house.

Beverly Fettman