Torres, Goldman make claims against Santos


New York congressmen Ritchie Torres, who represents greater Riverdale, and Dan Goldman Tuesday filed an official ethics complaint with the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics against incoming Rep. George Santos.

The two representatives hand delivered the notice of the complaint to the Douglaston freshman representative for violating the Ethics in Government Act. They charge Santos failed to file timely, accurate, and complete financial disclosure reports as required by law.

“The House of Representatives has an obligation to police itself, and this is just the start of our mission to hold George Santos accountable to his constituents and the American people,” Goldman said. “George Santos, by his own admission, is an outright fraud.

He has admitted that he didn’t graduate college, didn’t work on Wall Street or in private equity, doesn’t own property, and isn’t Jewish — all of which he asserted in order to dupe the voters in Queens and Nassau County.

“But most importantly, there are a number of deeply concerning lies Mr. Santos has told about his finances that have since led to multiple criminal and civil investigations.”

Torres said: “George Santos has engaged in unethical conduct unbecoming of a congressman. Even more troubling than the pathological lying, for which he has become infamous, is the likely law breaking. Santos claims to have earned millions of dollars from the clients he served, yet he failed to disclose the names of those clients, in violation of federal law.”

Over the past several weeks, extensive public reporting – as well as congressman Santos’s own admissions – have uncovered a stultifying web of lies that Mr. Santos spun in order to induce voters in his District to vote for him through deception and misrepresentation, according to a statement from the two congressmen.

A message left on Santos’ Washington, D.C., office voicemail was not returned by press time.

Given the revelations of Congressman Santos’s pervasive, knowing and intentional misrepresentations about his biography, as well as the public information pertaining to his financial disclosures, congressmen Goldman and Torres allege that Rep. Santos has failed to uphold the integrity expected of members of the House of Representatives.

Goldman and Torres have therefore requested that the House Committee on Ethics investigate the matter to determine the extent of these violations and take appropriate action as soon as possible.