Vic’s car still there, just not all of it


Sometimes a crook’s not out to steal a car — just parts of it.

That’s what happened to a 36-year-old man who police say parked his 2018 Honda Accord on the 3200 block of Henry Hudson Parkway around 10 p.m., on Feb. 1.

He returned to the car bright and early at 6 the next morning to find the car there without a scratch on it. Unfortunately, according to police, it was up on cinderblocks with all four tires and wheels gone.

Police valued the rims and tires to be worth around $2,000. Detectives continue to investigate.


He’ll be walking for a while

Yes, parking in the city is awful. After 30 minutes of circling the same five-block area, there’s still no place to park your ride. It’s enough to wish your car would just vanish.

Be careful what you wish for.

A 54-year-old man parked his 2019 Honda CRV in the 2900 block of Orloff Avenue shortly before 9 p.m., on Jan. 31, according to a police report.

He found his SUV gone without a trace the next morning, police said. A check of the city’s tow logs showed nothing indicated his CRV had been taken to car jail.

To add insult to injury, police say there weren’t any surveillance cameras nearby that caught the abduction.

Police valued the Honda at $41,000.


Poof! This Mazda disappeared

Yet another car owner experienced the shock of their vehicle missing from the very spot they parked it just hours before.

Sometime between early evening on Feb. 3 and 8:30 the next morning, the 2019 Mazda CX-9 he left parked on the 600 block of West 256th Street disappeared, the man told police. There were no security cameras nearby, so detectives weren’t able to identify the car thieves.

Police valued the Mazda at $30,000.