Police Beat

Watch out for the train ... pillar


It was an unlucky Friday the 13th for one woman who reportedly crashed her black Audi into one of the  pillars supporting  the elevated subway tracks near Broadway and West 239th Street.

Soon after the Dec. 13 accident, a witness found the woman sitting behind the steering wheel,  keys in the ignition. Once the Good Samaritan opened the door, however, the woman tried to run away, according to reports.

Unfortunately for her, however, police were nearby, and caught up with her quite easily. They noted her bloodshot eyes, unsteady walk, and a strong smell of alcohol.

Presented with those facts, the woman was arrested for driving while under the influence.

Another car bites the dust

Times are hard for parking, as a man driving his black 2019 Honda CRV found out after finding what he thought was a quiet space near the 3300 block of  Henry Hudson Parkway the evening of Dec. 9.

When he returned the next morning, the man discovered his parking space empty, his Honda stolen during the night.

Police canvassed the area but didn’t find any evidence of who had been there. The driver told police he closed and locked the car when he left.

Detectives have yet to locate the car, but they continue to investigate.

Food store thief caught

A woman shopping at the West 235th Street Key Food supermarket found herself the most recent victim in what has been described as a string of thefts in the store after a man reached into her purse when she wasn’t looking, removing her wallet.

Inside were credit cards, which she likely quickly canceled.

This woman might have some luck on her side, however. While such thefts have taken place outside the view of cameras, this time police believe they’ve caught the purse snatcher. And investigators believe they may be able to now connect him with other similar crimes.

But for now, he’s been charged with grand larceny.

Rental fee goes way up

A woman was in for a nasty surprise when she returned to her rented vehicle to find those borrowed tires and rims had been borrowed by someone else — this time with no cost or return date.

She parked her black 2019 Toyota Camry at Putnam Avenue West and West 239th Street on Dec. 8 around 2:30 a.m. When she returned later, she found the black and silver tires and rims had been stolen.

The parts were valued at $1,010, police said, as they continue to investigate.