Where is the flag?


To the editor:

The American flag means so much to me. My grandparents were German immigrants who fled to this country during World War II. They embraced American culture, its customs, and the English language.

My father proudly served in the army during the Korean War. He reminded us that “freedom isn’t free.”

The International Leadership High school at West 231st Street and Riverdale Avenue is a charter school catering to minority students. On the roof of the school sits a flagpole with no flag.

In the windows of the cafeteria are two flags — One from Ukraine, and the other that reads “Black lives matter.” 

I contacted the school’s administration numerous times offering to donate an American flag for display. My requests were denied.

I feel it’s shameful that a school refuses to acknowledge the American flag. It should be a law that any public or private school that receives government financial aid or tax benefits should be required to fly the flag.

The Stars and Stripes are a beacon of hope and opportunity for the many immigrant students who attend the school. Let those students and their families not forget where they live and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead.

Jeff Kalfus