You can visit Trump — in prison


To the editor:

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., recently announced the impaneling of a special grand jury focused on the Trump crime family/organization, not long after state attorney general Letitia James notified the public New York’s civil investigation of the Trumps has now become a criminal inquiry as well.

No wonder desperate Donald Trump drew his infamous “red line” prohibiting Justice Department investigators from looking into the Trump crime family’s crooked, fraudulent finances while Trump was in office.

Too bad for delusional orange-collar criminal Donald, but his red-flagging of his own criminal business enterprise — in addition to unsuccessfully attempting to hide his tax returns for so long — led legal authorities to right where Trump’s business bodies are buried.

And now they’re being dug up.

Indictments are sure to follow. You don’t create a special grand jury to last for six months for nothing. Deranged Donald and his evil brood had better find a better lawyer that Rudy “Tutti Frutti” Giuliani. Otherwise, the Trumps can expect a long, less-than-luxurious stay at Rikers Island penitentiary.

Jake Pickering

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Jake Pickering,