You have to read the fine print


To the editor:

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz recently sent a campaign mailer that listed several of his supposed accomplishments with large checkmarks to the left of each one.

At first glance, a voter would assume that these were bills that were enacted into law because of the Assemblyman’s support. But that first glance would be wrong.

One of the supposed accomplishments was “passing the New York Health Act.” I have been closely following the progress of the New York Health Act, and knew that it had not passed. When I saw it as a checked-off item, I decided to read the flyer more carefully.

The remaining checked off items were not bills at all but were vague promises such as “keeping our communities safe” and “continuing to address climate change” that any politician would support. Due to the design of the flyer, a voter likely would conclude — as I did — that these were bills that had passed.

This sort of sleight of hand is misleading and dishonest.

Sure, the flyer technically was true, but not everyone reads the fine print. Support for things like “protecting tenants” is nice verbiage, but means very little.

Assemblyman Dinowitz, stop trying to fool your constituents!

Vote for Jessica Altagracia Woolford in the 81st Assembly District, either by mail, by voting early, or on Primary Day on June 28.

Dale Wolff