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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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The power of words has no equal A great story and then a sequel A short lovely poem that tells it all A long novel you’ll love to recall   Using the same words, so many … more
To the editor: For at least the second time in a year, a swastika was carved into a baseball field in Riverdale (Riverdale Press, 8/13/2014). The swastika is a symbol of hatred, of Germany’s … more
To the Editor:  That other paper [The Riverdale Review] criticized Oliver Koppell for comparing Klein to a cold-blooded reptile, BUT it was his own spokeswoman, CANDICE GIOVE, who, as a … more
To the Editor: In your Aug. 14 editorial, “All politics is local,” you noted the New York State Senate candidates’ views on two controversial development proposals, the … more
You can’t entirely blame state Sen. Co-majority Leader Jeff Klein for refusing to debate before an audience of community members in Riverdale. It must be maddening to be one of the most … more
Whenever I tell people that I live in Riverdale, I always get a wide range of reactions such as, “Isn’t that so far from everything?” “I couldn’t wait to get out of … more
Poolside lounging, beach towels, summer sun — things that every student should be able to enjoy are being replaced with SAT classes and SAT prep books. Summer slowly seems to be mirroring the … more
Let me start out by saying that I am bi-polar.  The worst of my depression was coincident with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, which was a whole lot more difficult to overcome.  … more
To the editor: Perhaps it would be a kind gesture to offer to return the 1762 bell to the Mexican monastery from which it was taken as war booty. Mexico lost more than 50 percent of its land in … more
To the Editor: The Riverdale Press has dishonored proud roots and sunk to a level beneath contempt by its editorial challenging Rep. Engel’s support of Israel and Israel’s perfectly … more
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