Parents call PS 207 unsafe


Update appended.

Allegations of kindergartners coming home with bruises, a first-grader getting sexually harassed, students unprepared for the next grade, families kept in the dark — parents depict a culture of dysfunction at P.S. 207, an early education school that goes up to the second grade, located at 3030 Godwin Terrace. They tell stories of bullying and poor academics and a principal who avoids meeting with them.

This year, the Kingsbridge school received nearly $290,000 in federal Title I funds, which are for schools serving primarily lower-income families, but parents said they have no idea how the money is being spent. Principal Maria Rosado, who has held her position for 12 years, did not respond to multiple interview requests. On Friday, the Department of Education (DOE) responded to a detailed list of questions about the alleged issues with the principal and the school with an emailed statement. 

"Family involvement is crucial to creating strong school environments and the DOE has redoubled its focus on developing stronger relationships between schools and their communities," a spokeswoman wrote.

“I had heard a lot of bad things about the school,” said Vera Kaljevic, whose child currently attends kindergarten at P.S. 207. “I’ve been dreading the last couple of years, since we moved here, and I started researching schools in the area.”

“This is not the first option for anybody, I’m sure,” said Fabia Ono, another kindergarten mother.

DOE statistics show the student body is about 85 percent Hispanic and 9 percent black, making it one of New York City’s many intensely segregated schools. About a third of the students are considered English Language Learners, and several parents estimated that more than half of the parents at the school do not speak English. More than 80 percent of the students qualify for free lunch.

Beyond bullying

Last spring, Kent Bowman’s daughter, who was in first grade at the time, came home from school with a story no parent wants to hear. She told her father two other boys at the table started making sexual remarks in front of her. Then the boys pulled out their penises in front of her, she said. 

“My daughter had her hand raised, and the teacher told her, ‘I don’t want any tattling,’” said Mr. Bowman. 

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Riverdale Liberal Democrat

We the people voted for in Riverdale was "change" and Helping other "citizens of the world" and to "Spread the wealth"

I think we need to encourage the mayor to bus in as many Muslim students as possible into the Riverdale /Kingsbridge school system to show this area wants to diversify and we want our children exposed to the Muslim way of thinking with their laws and culture

Behind the White hall there is plenty of vacant land that could be utilized to build a Mosque as Engel was said to support along with the Blomberg and Mrs Clinton close ties to the Muslim community

Mrs Clinton is on record calling people "FUC*&ing Jew BAST$%#ds " and knowing hwer close ties to the Muslim and black community I am sure the Clinton Foundation would be willing to show good faith by giving a few million to start breaking ground

"YES WE CAN" as voters support preschool and public schools students to learn the teachings of Allah and have teachers in the first and second grade start sexual education and how Jane has two mothers is perfectly acceptable in America

We never should have had borders as it is racism to keep people out that come here looking for work to provide for their family

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I am sorry to hear about P.S. 207 (which is the old St. John's School), the neighborhood has changed drastically and it is a shame that the teacher's don't care and/or have no time. They should bring back the nuns and brothers and we wouldn't have this problem.

Just saying!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The school is now a public school, so bringing back the clergy is obviously not possible. They need new leadership there - and i agree with the article - its disgusting that the principal is a Hispanic woman who is doing anything BUT looking out and trying to help the children in a predominately hispanic community. She does not care about the well being of these children - they need someone to nurture and look out for them. Luckily the neighborhood has another school PS 7 where the principal - a white man - genuinely cares about his school community!! But this disparity is not right, or fair... they need to find someone to run PS 207 that will be a positive influence for these children!! All children deserve quality education and to feel SAFE in their school!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

My child goes to this school and although I haven't experienced bullying, I have experienced a very dysfunctional environment. They are highly disorganized.

Myself and a lot of the other parents are forced to send our children here because our zone school ps7, never has enough space. The reason I moved in my area was because I heard ps7 was decent, but unfortunately was forced to send my child to ps 207.

Very sad that others have experienced bullying and sexual harassment. It's unacceptable and the principal should stop hiding in her office and do something about it! My heart goes out to all those kids and parents who have had to deal with this kind of treatment.

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Frustrated 207 parent

I wish I had had the opportunity to contribute to this article. The principal at this school must be well connected to a higher up in the school board. She continues to get passes. She has been disciplined time after time for failure to follow policies or just simply circumventing them. She is a terrible leader and terrible person. How dare she ignore that students are being beaten and sexually harassed at her school. I too have sent several communications to her requesting meetings and she has failed to respond. They have a gate up at the front entrance like a prison. It is beyond safety but more so a barrier. She walked around the school all of last year missing her two front teeth and dressed as if she worked at the corner store. She allows bullying because she is a bully. I feel sorry for her teachers as well as the students. These are the years where kids should have a passion for learning and love going to school. She is setting them up for failure. Her boss refuses to address these issues and she too should be fired. We need to come together as parents and protest and form a sit out as suggested.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I went to that school in "90" that school is horrible my mom had to come in twice cause a boy will bother me but it got done they did not mess with my mom. I school needs new staffs get rid off the old

Friday, February 19, 2016