Fieldston closes streets to outside traffic


The Fieldston Property Owners’ Association (FPOA) plans to restrict road access in the neighborhood for a week starting on Monday, Jan. 6.

FPOA President Brendan Contant said in an e-mail that guards will restrict buses, commercial and private vehicles from entering Fieldston as the second semester of the school year begins.

Road restrictions at the start of the school year in September angered residents outside of Fieldston, but Mr. Contant said he expects the January closure to go well. 

“We had a few complaints from community members, but many more complements from residents that have been alarmed by an increase in heavy truck and bus traffic,” he said of the fall restrictions.

Mr. Contant added FPOA is coordinating the closure with the nearby Horace Mann School. The association plans to grant access to commercial vehicles traveling to Fieldston homes and buses picking up or dropping off children residing in the neighborhood.

In a letter to Fieldston residents, Mr. Contant said the fall restrictions reduced traffic by at least 70 buses per day going through Fieldston streets.

“Bus companies experience turnover with personnel at the end of every semester and it is very important for the FPOA to delineate our boundaries and set the precedent at the beginning of each semester so that the drivers become familiar with alternative routes,” Mr. Contant wrote.

The same letter contained a security alert to Fieldston residents discussing incidents including a recent series of thefts of unlocked cars.

The letter also highlighted a recent attempted break-in at a Delafield Avenue home. The owner, who was present at the time, alerted the police, but not before the suspect escaped.

Mr. Contant urged residents to maintain vigilance and make sure their homes are properly secured. He added that security alarm installation and monitoring is available from Excel Security, the company FPOA uses for tasks including the upcoming street closures.


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The school-week long street closure is a big middle finger to the rest of the community. How neighborly of the FPOA.

Friday, January 3, 2014

How is this legal? I would hope that the city will look to fine the FPOA for blocking access to city streets that belong to all New Yorkers.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The city should stop plowing thier streets.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I live in the Fieldston area and I believe Horace Mann school is the main cause of the street closings. They have been taking over W. 246th St between Waldo and Post Road for the past 25 years. Drive by W. 246th St. when school is getting out and you will see cars triple parked and multiple school buses. When the school has an event, it is the same situation. It is a nightmare and I worry that emergency vehicles will not be able to get through in time for people in need. TIBBETT AVE BETWEEN W. 246th ST & W. 254 ST WAS A CITY STREET until one day Horace Mann took it over to make parking spaces for their teachers. They need to build a parking garage for their faculty, students and visitors and leave the community alone. Mr. Contant said the restrictions reduced at least 70 buses per day from entering Fieldston but he has done nothing to reduce the hundreds of buses and cars that Horace Mann poorly navigates. He doesn't care that the traffic is backed up all the way down Post Road because of these closures and people who live in the community can't simply drive to and from their homes.

Friday, January 17, 2014