Rezoning foes show their strength


About 150 northwest Bronx residents packed a local bar on Oct. 8 to solidify their opposition to the mayor’s plan to rezone large swaths of the neighborhood.

The forum took the form of a teach-in, with activist organizers giving critical presentations about the Zoning for Quality and Affordability (ZQA) and Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) plans along with possible changes to the neighborhood’s Special Natural Area District (SNAD) rules. Local elected officials also spoke against the plans.

“We have to work together. We have to get the complaints in,” activist Laura Spalter told residents at Kelly Ryan’s Bar & Restaurant on Mosholu Avenue. “There’s power in numbers. There’s strength when we’re unified.”

Damian McShane, who co-leads the Broadway Community Alliance opposed to the rezoning plan with Ms. Spalter, went on to discuss ZQA and the Mandatory Inclusionary Plan, saying they will pave the way for over-development in North Riverdale and other parts of the northwest Bronx.

Earlier this year, the Department of City Planning unveiled ZQA, which would raise building height limits by about a story in parts of the neighborhood and ease parking requirements for new buildings, among other changes. MIH calls for 25 to 30 percent of new apartments in rezoned neighborhoods to go to low-income households. Meanwhile, DCP has a working group to consider modifying SNAD rules, originally intended to protect Riverdale’s natural features. The efforts are aimed at facilitating Mayor Bill de Blasio’s goal of creating 80,000 affordable housing units and preserving 120,000 others over the next 10 years.

“[Mr. de Blasio] is saying this is crucial for our ability to support senior and affordable housing needs,” said Mr. McShane, a former chairman of Community Board (CB) 8. “I’m not here to say those things are bad. I’m here to say that his rezoning is bad and it will have a disproportionate impact, in particular in North Riverdale.”

DCP’s press office did not provide comment on last week’s meeting for this article.

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I wasn't able to make this meeting due to other commitments, but I'm glad other fellow Riverdalians did. We have to continue to fight this plan and protect the beauty of Riverdale.

hhudsonpky - For a better Riverdale for ALL Riverdalians.

Riverdale, NY 10463/10471

Thursday, October 15, 2015

While I agree with the sentiments behind this meeting and the comments from hhpky, what drives me nuts is that most of these "activist organizers" at the meeting are the same people that voted for this socialist mayor and now that it's happening in their own backyard, they're up in arms about the proposed changes. Typical liberal hypocrisy.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It should be noted that a few areas of Riverdale voted for Lhota. The estate area of Fieldston was won by Lhota, but overall, sadly, Riverdale voted for de Blasio. Hopefully my fellow Riverdalians will learn their lesson. The ones that voted for Lhota (myself included) knew how inept this current mayor would be. He's Obama (another one I didn't vote for), but with an Italian last name.

Monday, October 19, 2015