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To the editor:

(re: “Video shows cop punching suspect,” Oct. 12)

In Marble Hill on Oct. 6, a burly police officer recklessly and lawlessly beat a 16-year-old boy, Alfred Burns, for allegedly stealing a bicycle and resisting arrest.

This continued well after he had been subdued.

The question is not whether the police will arrest someone for apparently stealing a bicycle. Of course they will. It is not whether the police will defend themselves if apparently attacked by a suspect. Of course they will.

The question is whether the police can appoint themselves judge, jury and penal officials — whether they may take it upon themselves to administer brutal punishment to a teenager in order to work out their anger at him. Surely their job was to quickly arrest the youth and bring him in safely.

Terence O’Toole, 50th Precinct officer, justified the street beating of the adolescent, referring to his record (which is something for a judge to evaluate at trial). Officer O’Toole threatened that the police would eventually shoot him, which amounts to encouraging such an action.

Both Officer O’Toole and the brutal police officer should be penalized, preferably removed from the force.

Wayne Price

Wayne Price


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Just to set the record straight since these defenders of criminals love to twist meanings and words, Captain O' Toole never "threatened" to shoot anyone. Quite the opposite. He said that because this "boy" was already a street hardened criminal, well known to the Police already at age 16 as a violent offender, that his lifestyle would eventually lead him to where the cops may need to shoot him in the future because of his own behavior. The relevant quote is here:

"“He is going to fight with police for the rest of his life, guaranteed,” O’Toole said. “And the next cop that he encounters may have to shoot him because he is going to fail to comply. Because that is going to be his lifestyle forever.”"

We already see that O'Toole was working off knowledge gained by reality, especially since this so-called "boy" was trying to choke the life out of one of his officers. I was shocked that the kid wasn't shot, or at least tasered, by the responding officers, and to me that showed a lot of restraint and professionalism by the police.

Police work is not a clean business. Leftist do-gooders really need to face that reality. Violent perpetrators are not convinced very well by leftist arguments of "can't we all get along" nor will reading them bedtime stories while feeding them milk and cookies do it either. While I will never defend truly brutal cops, like the psychopath Livoti or the case of the recent shooting where a cop shot a citizen in a road rage incident, in this case I say the police did great work apprehending a predator of society and I am grateful my tax dollars helped them do that.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Just to highlight the real world effects of leftist attitudes vis a vis the police, I just read a story about a Brooklyn cop, who is Black and the founder of "cops for Kaepernick", letting off a man who has an order of protection out on him by his wife to go free while stalking that wife because...........the perp was Black. Let me say that clearer, a man who was stalking his wife was let off by a Police Officer of the same race because of his race.

His quote to the man, who again has an order of protection out against him and was stalking his wife at her home was "“Brother, we have to stop putting people like you and me in jail — don’t make me regret this,”

In other words, leftist ideology has now put the lives of women in severe danger. Not surprising actually since leftists don't actually care about women or blacks. They just care about power and control. But man, what a stark example of the absolute insanity of the left and the real-world effects. A woman might be killed because of Black Lives Matter ideology clouding a responding Police Officers mind.

Continue eating your own leftists. Usually it's funny, but in this case it's tragic.

Friday, November 10, 2017
Michael Hinman

Hello, TruthTeller ...

I saw the story as well. And if that officer is systematically not arresting someone based on race, that absolutely would be an issue.

However, in also reading the story, the victim seemed far more upset that her ex gets arrested and is released the next day, over and over again, despite the protection order. Should the officer have conducted an arrest then? Sure. Is he absolutely required to conduct an arrest? No.

Arresting someone is at the discretion of the officer. Just like if you get pulled over speeding, the cop does not have to write you a ticket. And thank goodness, too, because sometimes they will let you go without a warning.

I would be interested more in the context of the situation that is not really shared in the story. Did the ex leave after his interaction with the cop? Were the words said in some sort of context of the officer trying to reason with the ex?

Because a possible contextual example is like when an officer might say to a troublesome teenager that "you're a man now, like me, and men shouldn't be in jail." Is that a misogynist approach? Or is he trying to help someone get back to a straight-and-narrow path?

While it's definitely something that should be looked into, like the arrest that prompted this letter, we still need to wait until the investigation is concluded, in my opinion.

That doesn't mean no one can form (or express) an opinion of what they saw or what they read, of course they can. But we also should acknowledge that — especially in the case of your example — we're hearing only part of the story.

It's like if we do a story on a lawsuit that has been filed but not responded to yet, we make it clear that a court complaint details just one side of a dispute, and that the claims in that complaint have yet to be adjudicated or responded to.

That appears to be the same with your example. A claim has been made, and the NYPD is doing its job in investigating it. And just because there's an investigation doesn't mean someone is guilty of something — it means that someone feels something was done wrong, and has asked there to be an investigation to determine if that is, indeed, the case.

Friday, November 10, 2017

All I'm going by is the article I read, which of course I am not allowed to link to. But the officer is clearly a left-wing ideologue and activist, writing incendiary Instagram posts about "draconian Police practices." The perp was violating an order of protection, which had gotten him arrested several times before this incident. In fact, this was the only time he wasn"t arrested.

I cannot comment on the injustices of letting the guy go the next day or anything else not directly pertinent to the story, which again is that a PO's extreme leftist ideology is letting a man run free to stalk and threaten his wife. This means that, at least in this case, left wing ideology is putting an abused woman at risk of being murdered by a hardened ex-con with an order of protection out against him.

Friday, November 10, 2017