Crowd says 'alt-right' all wrong

Elected officials join residents in denouncing hate groups


It might have taken President Donald Trump a couple of days to call out white supremacists at the center of a violent clashes at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, but many local residents gathered at Bell Tower Park in the heart of Riverdale on Sunday to show solidarity against such hatred.

It was one of two vigils held in the greater Riverdale area this week, with a second rally taking place Monday night on West 231st Street in Kingsbridge.

U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel called the white supremacists in Charlottesville domestic terrorists.

“Calling them anything other than that is not just an affront to our values, it’s dangerous,” Engel said in a statement. “These men and women are filled with hate and have displayed a willingness to use violence as a means to push their racist, anti-Semitic beliefs. They represent the very worst of our country, and every good citizen should stand against them in this critical moment.”

In a statement Monday, Trump called racism evil. “And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”


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If it wasn't painfully obvious right after the election, it is now..........there is a clear and unambiguous campaign of organized and well-funded opposition to Trump that is being led by the foundation funded left and their deep state allies. This march, while probably spontaneous and unorganized, is part and parcel of that campaign. I say this because only a very stupid person can ignore the violence coming from the alt-left like Antifa and their ilk, which in the real world is where the overwhelmingly vast majority of the violence is coming from.

Antifa, or as I like to call them Soros's goon squad, is a well-funded terrorist organization that has violently assaulted their political enemies, whom they call "Nazis." The bankers funding this operation are still thinking they are operating under the noses of a duped public, but millions of us know the truth.

And on the right we have idiots like Richard Spencer, an obvious agent provocateur, whose role is to demonize patriots and the millions of freedom loving Americans who voted for Trump because of his then-stated goals of peace and commerce with the world, ending these useless wars for empire, and domestic freedom and prosperity at home.

The name of the game is divide and conquer. The deep state has played their hand brilliantly in this lastest completely staged rally in Chalottesville using their agents on the right to show that the right is racist, and using their agents on the left to violently attack them in order to provoke a reaction. Meanwhile the public sees it all and we end up with dumb rallies like the one above.

People, you are being once again duped by the elite 1 percent of 1 percent. They want us fighting eachother so that their crimes go unnoticed. They want hatred, violence, division of the sexes, division of the generations and just plain division and hatred all around. If you play the game, don't expect any outcome other than eventual civil wat, with the bankers, as they always do, coming out on top.

Although I have serious problems with Trump, racism, mysogyny and transphobia are not on my list of why. I say this because I know he is neither of those things. After all, Barbara Res, who he hired to be the main engineer of Trump Tower, was the first female civil engineer ever hired for a project of that size. And JEsse Jackson is on video extolling the virtues of Trump's dedication the Black comminity. Rather, I voted for a man who promised peace and domestic tranquility, two things most AMericans are itching for after 16 years of constant war and economic collapse.

The left would also be well advised to cease their violent activities because the patriot movement is filled with armed people who know how to use their weapons. These sissies in Antifa with their linguini physiques and disgusting beards don't stand a chance if real fighting ever, god forbid, breaks out on the streets of America. And when I say real fighting I mean not stage managed and provocateured by actors on both sides of the politcal spectrum, whether it be Soros's goon squad Antifa, or the CIA agent's Spencers group on the right, whatever the hell they are called.

Charlottsville was clearly a staged provocation

| Friday, August 18

And a beautiful piece written by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, who is the most honest and sober analyst of the Trump phenomenon I've read so far.

How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble

Posted August 17th, 2017 @ 12:36pm

History is full of examples of Mass Hysterias. They happen fairly often. The cool thing about mass hysterias is that you don’t know when you are in one. But sometimes the people who are not experiencing the mass hysteria can recognize when others are experiencing one, if they know what to look for.

I’ll teach you what to look for.


A mass hysteria happens when the public gets a wrong idea about something that has strong emotional content and it triggers cognitive dissonance that is often supported by confirmation bias. In other words, people spontaneously hallucinate a whole new (and usually crazy-sounding) reality and believe they see plenty of evidence for it. The Salem Witch Trials are the best-known example of mass hysteria. The McMartin Pre-School case and the Tulip Bulb hysteria are others. The dotcom bubble probably qualifies. We might soon learn that the Russian Collusion story was mass hysteria in hindsight. The curious lack of solid evidence for Russian collusion is a red flag. But we’ll see how that plays out.

The most visible Mass Hysteria of the moment involves the idea that the United States intentionally elected a racist President. If that statement just triggered you, it might mean you are in the Mass Hysteria bubble. The cool part is that you can’t fact-check my claim you are hallucinating if you are actually hallucinating. But you can read my description of the signs of mass hysteria and see if you check off the boxes.

If you’re in the mass hysteria, recognizing you have all the symptoms of hysteria won’t help you be aware you are in it. That’s not how hallucinations work. Instead, your hallucination will automatically rewrite itself to expel any new data that conflicts with its illusions.

But if you are not experiencing mass hysteria, you might be totally confused by the actions of the people who are. They appear to be irrational, but in ways that are hard to define. You can’t tell if they are stupid, unscrupulous, ignorant, mentally ill, emotionally unstable or what. It just looks frickin’ crazy.

The reason you can’t easily identify what-the-hell is going on in the country right now is that a powerful mass hysteria is in play. If you see the signs after I point them out, you’re probably not in the hysteria bubble. If you read this and do NOT see the signs, it probably means you’re trapped inside the mass hysteria bubble.

Here are some signs of mass hysteria. This is my own take on it, but I welcome you to fact-check it with experts on mass hysteria.

1. The trigger event for cognitive dissonance

On November 8th of 2016, half the country learned that everything they believed to be both true and obvious turned out to be wrong. The people who thought Trump had no chance of winning were under the impression they were smart people who understood their country, and politics, and how things work in general. When Trump won, they learned they were wrong. They were so very wrong that they reflexively (because this is how all brains work) rewrote the scripts they were seeing in their minds until it all made sense again. The wrong-about-everything crowd decided that the only way their world made sense, with their egos intact, is that either the Russians helped Trump win or there are far more racists in the country than they imagined, and he is their king. Those were the seeds of the two mass hysterias we witness today.

Trump supporters experienced no trigger event for cognitive dissonance when Trump won. Their worldview was confirmed by observed events.

2. The Ridiculousness of it

One sign of a good mass hysteria is that it sounds bonkers to anyone who is not experiencing it. Imagine your neighbor telling you he thinks the other neighbor is a witch. Or imagine someone saying the local daycare provider is a satanic temple in disguise. Or imagine someone telling you tulip bulbs are more valuable than gold. Crazy stuff.

Compare that to the idea that our president is a Russian puppet. Or that the country accidentally elected a racist who thinks the KKK and Nazis are “fine people.” Crazy stuff.

If you think those examples don’t sound crazy – regardless of the reality – you are probably inside the mass hysteria bubble.

3. The Confirmation Bias

If you are inside the mass hysteria bubble, you probably interpreted President Trump’s initial statement on Charlottesville – which was politically imperfect to say the least – as proof-positive he is a damned racist.

If you are outside the mass hysteria bubble you might have noticed that President Trump never campaigned to be our moral leader. He presented himself as – in his own words “no angel” – with a set of skills he offered to use in the public’s interest. He was big on law and order, and equal justice under the law. But he never offered moral leadership. Voters elected him with that knowledge. Evidently, Republicans don’t depend on politicians for moral leadership. That’s probably a good call.

When the horror in Charlottesville shocked the country, citizens instinctively looked to their president for moral leadership. The president instead provided a generic law and order statement. Under pressure, he later named specific groups and disavowed the racists. He was clearly uncomfortable being our moral lighthouse. That’s probably why he never described his moral leadership as an asset when running for office. We observe that he has never been shy about any other skill he brings to the job, so it probably isn’t an accident when he avoids mentioning any ambitions for moral leadership. If he wanted us to know he would provide that service, I think he would have mentioned it by now.

If you already believed President Trump is a racist, his weak statement about Charlottesville seems like confirmation. But if you believe he never offered moral leadership, only equal treatment under the law, that’s what you saw instead. And you made up your own mind about the morality.

The tricky part here is that any interpretation of what happened could be confirmation bias. But ask yourself which one of these versions sounds less crazy:

1. A sitting president, who is a branding expert, thought it would be a good idea to go easy on murderous Nazis as a way to improve his popularity.


2. The country elected a racist leader who is winking to the KKK and White Supremacists that they have a free pass to start a race war now.


3. A mentally unstable racist clown with conman skills (mostly just lying) eviscerated the Republican primary field and won the presidency. He keeps doing crazy, impulsive racist stuff. But for some reason, the economy is going well, jobs are looking good, North Korea blinked, ISIS is on the ropes, and the Supreme Court got a qualified judge. It was mostly luck.


4. The guy who didn’t offer to be your moral leader didn’t offer any moral leadership, just law and order, applied equally. His critics cleverly and predictably framed it as being soft on Nazis.

One of those narratives is less crazy-sounding than the other. That doesn’t mean the less-crazy one has to be true. But normal stuff happens far more often than crazy stuff. And critics will frame normal stuff as crazy whenever they get a chance.

4. The Oversized Reaction

It would be hard to overreact to a Nazi murder, or to racists marching in the streets with torches. That stuff demands a strong reaction. But if a Republican agrees with you that Nazis are the worst, and you threaten to punch that Republican for not agreeing with you exactly the right way, that might be an oversized reaction.

5. The Insult without supporting argument

When people have actual reasons for disagreeing with you, they offer those reasons without hesitation. Strangers on social media will cheerfully check your facts, your logic, and your assumptions. But when you start seeing ad hominem attacks that offer no reasons at all, that might be a sign that people in the mass hysteria bubble don’t understand what is wrong with your point of view except that it sounds more sensible than their own.

For the past two days I have been disavowing Nazis on Twitter. The most common response from the people who agree with me is that my comic strip sucks and I am ugly.

The mass hysteria signals I described here are not settled science, or anything like it. This is only my take on the topic, based on personal observation and years of experience with hypnosis and other forms of persuasion. I present this filter on the situation as the first step in dissolving the mass hysteria. It isn’t enough, but more persuasion is coming. If you are outside the mass hysteria bubble, you might see what I am doing in this blog as a valuable public service. If you are inside the mass hysteria bubble, I look like a Nazi collaborator.

How do I look to you?

| Friday, August 18
Jennifer Scarlott

The shoe fits, Scott Adams.

Meanwhile, try this on for size:

It is, for sure, one of those times to ask, "Which side are you on?" But then, it's always time to ask, "Which side are you on?"

Friday, August 18

Out of respect I read the article JS posted above. Well, it was basically what I railed about in my first post.......all it is is a seemingly hysterical screed about "Nazis" and "Transphobia" and "Russian Meddling." all of which are red herrings thrown out there by the elite 1 percent to keep us arguing with eachother while they laugh all the way to the bank. Luckily there seemed to be one commenter who gets it and although I probably disagree with a lot of his beliefs, I did find his comment to be somewhat refreshing: And here it is:

"If you paid apologists for democracy ever clue into the fact humanity is under threat from it you may be able to help prevent our democratic self-destruction.

Heather Heyer's Mom inadvertently identified the problem with democracy when she said her daughter died standing up for what she believed in. Sadly she was killed by a man standing up for what he believed in. Democrats and Republicans stand up for what they believe in as do neo-Nazies and those who oppose them.

Democracy was given birth and is sustained by the resulting divisions. If we don't soon discard the reasons that divide us and agree on the common reason to stand up we'll keep beating each other down until we're all dead, if we don't die of rising temperatures first."

In the spirit of the philosophy of not getting into useless political arguments where no minds are changed, I will refrain from getting into it with anyone. All I can warn against is that we should all be aware that BOTH SIDES are being PLAYED by the BANKERS and their DEEP STATE allies. They want us all fighting eachother so that no one is left to question their crimes. Trumps voters are not Nazis. And they are no more or less racist than the millions of people who only voted for Obama because he was black. The people on the left have their hearts in the right place, but they are misdirecting their energies fighting their fellow Americans, many of whom are victims of a horribly unequal economic paradigm.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if both sides could put aside their differences (which will never be resolved btw because "everybody is a little bit racist") and come together to fight the real enemy?

| Friday, August 18
Jennifer Scarlott

According to "TruthTeller" in the above comment:

"Heather Heyer's Mom inadvertently identified the problem with democracy when she said her daughter died standing up for what she believed in. Sadly she was killed by a man standing up for what he believed in."

Heather Heyer was deliberately, premeditatedly murdered. You imply that "the problem with democracy" is that she was exercising her First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly. Heinous. But in addition to coming from our neighbors, this message is coming out of the Oval Office itself.

Friday, August 18

Guess you didn't read my post well enough because I clearly state that that comment was from a poster on your Nation article. So you made an erroneous assumption by attributing it to me and then cast aspersions at people who live in your neighborhood. That's a little prejudicial, no?

Plus, you called the car attack first degree premeditated murder. From all I've read he was fleeing from a mob of club wielding Antifa people, so it's more likely he was scared and trying to get away.

| Friday, August 18
Jennifer Scarlott

@"TruthTeller," in posting the person's comment, and yes, I did not see the close quote, you said: "I find it to be somewhat refreshing." Let's be honest, a little bit, please.

Friday, August 18

Hey, if you have a problem with the words.....and I quote.......

"Democracy was given birth and is sustained by the resulting divisions. If we don't soon discard the reasons that divide us and agree on the common reason to stand up we'll keep beating each other down until we're all dead, if we don't die of rising temperatures first." "

then you may have some issues. But I choose to stand behind sanity and truth, and the truth is both sides are clowns and both sides were violent and both sides were to blame for what happened down there and both sides are being manipulated by the same hands.....the elite .001 percent I thought you were against.

| Friday, August 18

The ULTRA LEFT will silence all that we deem racists. No compromises. We know what is good for everyone because we are ANTIFI, BLM, SJW and PC Millennial snow flakes. No dissent. You are racist if you do not agree with us.

Tuesday, August 22
John Nimby

If there is anything that is worse for property values than bike lanes, sidewalks, traffic lights, and buses, it's having conspiracy theorists like this Manny Grosemann and his sidekick Antifi (sic) Guy running around the neighborhood with their crazy politics. Next thing you know the Underwear Cowboy and painted naked ladies will be setting up shop on Johnson Ave.

| Wednesday, August 23