Don't move Israel capital to Jerusalem


To the editor:

The Workmen’s Circle condemns President Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This action — both ill-conceived and very dangerous — will set the peace process — already in jeopardy — back for years, if not serve as a bitter ending to an already tenuous situation.

We affirm our long-held position that peace in Israel must be part of a negotiated two-state solution, along with mutual protections for both Israel and Palestine. 

Jerusalem’s status must be determined by a peace negotiation and agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, not an imprudent declaration by the United States.

Ann Toback

The author is executive director of Workmen’s Circle, a Manhattan-based activist group that defines Jewish identity not by religious beliefs, but instead by heritage, values, ideals, cultural traditions, and more.

Ann Toback


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I am scratching my head trying to figure out why this is an issue that has any meaning to America or Americans. Can't we just leave the rest of the world alone and not meddle anymore??? This alliance with Israel, it seems to me, has not benefitted us very much. Betweem the USS Liberty attack, espionage and their huge hand in 9/11, Israel has not proven to be a very worthy friend or ally. And it seems that we always seem to piss off the world because of this relationship. Perhaps one day people will be able to have a frank discussion about Israel, but as long as people are obsessed with issues like where the capital will be, I don't see that day coming anytime soon.

And for anyone about to accuse me of Anti-Semitism, check yourself. My old Rabbi and the people who all attended my Bar Mitzvah would disagree with you.

Sunday, December 17, 2017