Grace period, what grace period?


To the editor:

The same band of unscrupulous towers has been busy at work on Johnson and 235th, in the Key Food parking lot. Any claims of a grace period are a 100-percent fabrication by Riverdale Towing Associates. 

I left the lot to get a cup of plain Starbucks directly across the street and was gone for under five minutes. My car was gone from the lot and on a flat bed when I returned. I was told if I paid cash sales tax would not be collected. 

Seriously, if there were a grace period how did my car disappear so fast? I was ready to call 911 when another hapless victim told me what happened to my car, as well as his moments earlier.

Jerry Frohlich


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Grace Period?

Why should you even get a grace period?

There are metered spots on the street in front of Starbucks for you to use instead of using the parking lot that is meant for Key Food customers.

Starbucks in no way contributes any monies toward the upkeep of that key food parking lot when it needs to be plowed for snow or to be repaved so you shouldn't have left your car parked there.

If you took a second to understand that many people do the same as you did, I don't blame the management of KeyFood to say "hey, enough is enough'.

And if you don't like it then go to stop and shop down on broadway or take a trip out of the neighborhood.

As far as I'm concerned you got what you deserved.

You don't like it? Don't leave your care there and patronize another business.

Friday, December 16, 2016
John Nimby

I would like to thank Mr Frohlich for his generous.

It is tough to find a place to store my car when making the rounds in the neighborhood.

But now we can leave our cars on Mr Frohlich's private property for the "grace period' it would take for him to have our cars towed.

What a fitting gesture for the most wonderful time of the year sir!

Saturday, December 17, 2016
Morns out there

"I was told to pay cash to save tax"

Of course this inconsiderate driver was looking to beat paying a munimeter and now he is bragging how he paid cash to beat NYC out of much needed tax funding.

Did he at least ask for a receipt to show the NYC DOI the corruption gong on? Did he call the taxi limousine commission about this type of shake down ?

Of course not as that would take brains and some type of morals.

I bet Jerry n is a democrat as they are used to having thief's around them and making CASH payoffs

Thursday, December 29, 2016