Guidance, not force


To the editor:

(re: “Video shows cop punching suspect,” Oct. 12)

I honor our police officers, except in certain cases making it impossible to turn a blind eye.

I am talking about Alfred Burns, the 16-year-old caught — not with a brutal home invasion, but for stealing a bike.

The video beating of this teen is quite upsetting. Although the teen may be guilty of the charges, the burly officer continued punching his head even though the teen was subdued. 

Also, why would there be a search to arrest the woman who was screaming through the ordeal? Unless the woman was made of wood, it is a very natural response, especially if it were her boyfriend.

With this teen’s numerous arrests, he clearly did not have family structure and was headed in a downward spiral. Did any of the adults who knew him or came in contact with him — from the judges he stood before, community leaders or his teachers — offer help or mentoring?

The system has failed because there is a 16-year-old sitting right now on Rikers Island, and that is pretty sad.

Andrea Tekirian

Andrea Tekirian,