Home invaders wrestle victim out of her cash


No story that starts with two strange men in someone’s bedroom ever ends well. 

That certainly was the case last week when police say a woman caught two men rummaging through her dresser for cash. 

The men, described as 6-foot-1 and 5-foot-9, and each about 200 pounds in their 30s, had apparently snuck into the victim’s home on the 2600 block of Claflin Avenue, which is exactly where she found them Sept. 11. 

The would-be burglars turned into robbers, wrestling the woman to the ground, according to police at the 50th Precinct. They made off with $140 in cash as well as a pair of Beats headphones. 

The woman was unharmed, officers said, but the hunt is still on her for the pair who broke into her home. 

Phones to-go

Instead of waiting in line for the iPhone X, cops say one Kingsbridge crook decided to pilfer a new phone instead. 

The 34-year-old victim told police he was on the phone while walking near West 231st Street and Broadway in the early morning hours of Sept. 14 when someone ran up behind him, snatching his phone out of his hand. 

There was no time for a struggle, however, as the victim told police the thief ran north on Broadway before the victim could stop him. 

Cops are still investigating the theft.

Burglars bust into bodega

A trio of burglars made out big last week when they broke into a convenience store on Netherland Avenue and West 235th Street and left with more than $14,000 worth of cash and Metrocards.

Except, police say, they were caught on tape. 

Surveillance footage show three men smashing the front window of the GNP Sunil Corp. bodega, according to cops, and taking $8,200 cash, and $6,000 worth of Metrocards — which equates to a lot of bus trips. 

Police are still working to find the crooks before they go on a shopping spree courtesy of the MTA. 

Friend steals rental car

Some friends make people wonder why they ever need enemies. That is especially true in the case of a man who loaned his friend a rental car, but says now won’t give it back. 

The victim picked up the vehicle from Payless Car Rental back in mid-August, according to police. At some point, he told his friend he could use the car, but didn’t get it back when he asked for it despite the fact the rental contract is about to expire. 

Frustrated with the actions of his former comrade, the victim called police who now have an alarm out for the 2017 Nissan, with full intentions to stop the friend and confiscate the car — if and when they see it.