Kingsbridge murder suspect under arrest


New York Police Department officers arrested Zachary Brown Friday morning in connection with a shooting last September that killed a Kingsbridge father in front of his son.

Terence O'Toole, commanding officer of NYPD's 50th Precinct, told The Riverdale Press that Brown, 19, was in custody, but couldn't share any additional details. He was scheduled for a court arraignment Friday evening.

Brown was charged with second-degree murder, second-degree attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon, according to the NYPD.

Brown — whose address is listed on the third floor of 3479 Fort Independence St. — is a suspect in the shooting of Pedro Almonte-Sanchez on Sept. 26, in front of his home at 85 Strong St.

One neighbor told The Press in October that Almonte-Sanchez was trying to stop his son from hanging out with reported gang members. Almonte-Sanchez went as far as talking to Brown, police said, in what were described more as arguments leading up to the shooting.

Almonte-Sanchez was getting in the car with his son that evening, police said, when they were approached by a group of teenagers that allegedly included Brown. And when a gun was fired, cops say it came from a weapon held by Brown.

Brown has a lengthy rap sheet with the 50th Precinct, including an arrest last July for criminal possession of a controlled substance, and more than seven arrests within the precinct alone, O’Toole said.

The Almonte-Sanchez family ran a day care center out of their apartment in the last two years leading up to the shooting, according to neighbors.

Although initial media reports said Brown was part of the Bloods gang, O’Toole said he’s part of a smaller “crew” based out of 131 W. Kingsbridge Road.

This story was updated 1/19/18 at 9:29 p.m., to add charges against Brown as well as his address.