Leftists are destroying the Democratic Party


I have been enrolled in the Democratic Party for many years, voting for every Democratic candidate (except for Ronald Reagan in 1984) up to and including Barack Obama in 2008.

Unfortunately, he led the party to the ruinous state it finds itself today.

The loss of so many governorships and state legislatures speaks for itself, never mind losing control of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

He promised change, but many — including myself — did not want the far-left agenda that he, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder pushed in their radical, leftist views of governing.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the changes they brought about. 

Health care — No compromise! This legislation was passed by a party-line vote, a procedure that Democrats are now accusing the Republicans of using. But not to worry, folks, you can keep your “own” doctor, according to Obama, one of the biggest lies in political history. 

Also, for those who want Medicare for all, it will drain the system. Senior citizens beware!

Israel could always count on the Democratic Party for unwavering support. No longer the case? Witness Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warm embrace of President Trump’s speech at the United Nations. 

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and the President is giving it his strong support. That could not be said of Obama and Clinton.

Michael Brown never had his hands raised. That’s according to the autopsy report. Yet, Eric Holder and the left-wing activists help spread the rumor that he did.

Also, Eric Garner was selling “illegal” cigarettes outside a grocery that complained about him. He should not have resisted arrest. 

The fact that he died of a heart attack is not surprising since he was grossly overweight. 

Both of these men were not dead because they were African-American, a theory the administration pushed that led to riots which ruined businesses owned by African-Americans, but because they were criminals.

 What is it that these Democrats don’t understand about the word “illegal”? Yes, this nation was built by immigrants, but the difference is that they entered this country “legally” and did not demand government handouts.

My father is a prime example. He immigrated from Italy with his brothers and sisters seeking the opportunities that America promised. They got jobs and learned English. 

Now, myself and my cousins are living the American dream because of him and his siblings.

Illegals should not be allowed into the country, and President Trump is trying to stop them. I agree.

If you’re a Catholic, don’t try to become a federal judge. That’s according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein. In congressional hearings to approve judicial candidates, she questions whether devout Catholics should be able to serve because of their pro-life beliefs.

I happen to be pro-life. Unfortunately, in today’s Democratic Party, I am not welcome to participate. The only voice they care about is the pro-abortionists.

I could go on and on about how the Democratic Party has alienated so many in our community except in the northeastern big cities and the “left” coast. The answer is not to simply attack as racists or spreaders of “hate speech” as Adam Stoler and Steve Siegelbaum have in their comments. 

I applaud Alvin Gordon for his excellent analysis of Saul Alinsky and his radical leftist policies that are being followed by today’s leaders in the Democratic Party (“Why does Alinsky get so much ink?” Nov. 9). The result of these ideas is President Donald Trump.

Are you leftists happy with that? I sure am.

Dennis Donofrio


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Excellent letter Mr. D'onofrio and thanks for writing it. Good to see a little pushback on these elitists and classists in the Democrat party. While I disagree with you vociferously on the Israel issue, since they had a huge part to play in 9/11, I still think you are tight on track with pretty much everything else. Nice to see. I was starting to think the RP was giving cover and shelter to the extreme leftists and foundation funded neighborhood wreckers of the world.

Friday, December 1
Jewish Dentist Jack

I have been a registered Democrat who voted for Democrats until Obama became President and moved the Party to the extreme left with ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Obamacare, Open Borders, Safe Spaces. This radical shift to an American progressive socialist Millennial culture made me vote for a candidate less crooked.

Sunday, December 10

And in yet another example of leftist totalitarianism, leftists at Fordham University here in the Bronx kicked people out of an on-campus coffee shop for "violating their safe space." Their crime? They were wearing MAGA hats!!

To my leftist brothers and sisters, y'all have jumped the shark. First off, language like "safe space" is extremely creepy and fascistic. As well as extremely infantilizing. Is this how you want to be known? Secondly, what's up with the Nazi like attitude of denying people service due to their beliefs? Didn't a variation of this happen in the south before Civil Rights desegregated the lunch counter line? You really want to be associcated with southern racists from the 50's? Because you quickly are.

RP does not allow links to other news stories here, but if you google Fordham University and MAGA you will read about the story. It's shameful but the backlash, which as we see is well underway, is glorious to watch.

Break your chains! Throw off the yoke of leftist PC culture!! Arise from the ashes of fascism!!! A new day is dawning and sides are being chosen!!!!

What side are you on?

Monday, December 11

One last thing, with my apologies for multiple posts....

Leftsts of the SJW type would do really well by realizing that their wake-up call and teachable moment has come and that their is a way out.

The first thing necessary to solving a problem is realizing you have one. And in that regard, leftists first have to wake up to the fact that their party has been taken over by true psychopaths, sociopaths and crooks. From Clinton to Obama and back to Clinton, there has been a constant string of criminal behavior and actions that the left just allowed with no dissent.

And of course you might counterargue that the same is true on the right. And you'd be correct. As a progressive libertarian that leans right on most issues, I've long since come to peace with the fact that mainstream Republicans are awful. George Bush Sr? An absolute sick degenerate crook. Ronald Reagan? A brain addled dope whose only role was to be an actor. George Bush Jr? An absolute moron who destroyed this country with his fake 9/11 and subsequent illegal and immoral wars.

See? It's easy to do. It's called reading history and not being blinded by your ideology. Just face the fact that Bill Clinton was a degenerate major cocaine dealer, rapist and murderer. Just accept the fact that your savior Obama was a Wall Street democrat whose only job was to save the rich monied class that brought him into existance, promoted him and made him President. His human rights and civil liberties record was atrocious. He drone murdered people virtually every day. He also destroyed the sociopolitical life in this country with his racial division.

Just take a deep breath leftists. There is a way out. It's called facing reality and moving on to a more nuanced, rality based view of the world. Let me just sum it up for you very simply though. The elite are all working together to screw you over. They have their paid whores in the Democrat party and the Republican party. They are stealing your money, your future, your health. They are relegating you to a life of watching by the sidelines while they gobble it all up. They are destroying your planet. They don't care about you. And the only way out is to ally with your so-called political opponents to oppose them. Many people on the right want the wars to end and for peace and justice to prevail. Many on the left do too. But when you're all arguing over how "good" Obama and Hilary were, you lost the argument right there.

Once you accept reality, the rest falls into place. Soon you will realize we have been lied to about everything from JFK to RFK to MLK to 9/11 and up to the present time. All popular culture is fake and a distraction. All modern art is fake. This system exists to destroy your spirit. Learn to detach and see it all for what it is.....a big con job designed to take your money. From there lies the path to enlightenment and a way out of the morass that Antifa and CNN have helped to build.

Monday, December 11