Leftists are destroying the Democratic Party


I have been enrolled in the Democratic Party for many years, voting for every Democratic candidate (except for Ronald Reagan in 1984) up to and including Barack Obama in 2008.

Unfortunately, he led the party to the ruinous state it finds itself today.

The loss of so many governorships and state legislatures speaks for itself, never mind losing control of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

He promised change, but many — including myself — did not want the far-left agenda that he, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder pushed in their radical, leftist views of governing.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the changes they brought about. 

Health care — No compromise! This legislation was passed by a party-line vote, a procedure that Democrats are now accusing the Republicans of using. But not to worry, folks, you can keep your “own” doctor, according to Obama, one of the biggest lies in political history. 

Also, for those who want Medicare for all, it will drain the system. Senior citizens beware!

Israel could always count on the Democratic Party for unwavering support. No longer the case? Witness Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warm embrace of President Trump’s speech at the United Nations. 

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and the President is giving it his strong support. That could not be said of Obama and Clinton.

Michael Brown never had his hands raised. That’s according to the autopsy report. Yet, Eric Holder and the left-wing activists help spread the rumor that he did.

Also, Eric Garner was selling “illegal” cigarettes outside a grocery that complained about him. He should not have resisted arrest. 

The fact that he died of a heart attack is not surprising since he was grossly overweight. 

Both of these men were not dead because they were African-American, a theory the administration pushed that led to riots which ruined businesses owned by African-Americans, but because they were criminals.

 What is it that these Democrats don’t understand about the word “illegal”? Yes, this nation was built by immigrants, but the difference is that they entered this country “legally” and did not demand government handouts.

My father is a prime example. He immigrated from Italy with his brothers and sisters seeking the opportunities that America promised. They got jobs and learned English. 

Now, myself and my cousins are living the American dream because of him and his siblings.

Illegals should not be allowed into the country, and President Trump is trying to stop them. I agree.

If you’re a Catholic, don’t try to become a federal judge. That’s according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein. In congressional hearings to approve judicial candidates, she questions whether devout Catholics should be able to serve because of their pro-life beliefs.

I happen to be pro-life. Unfortunately, in today’s Democratic Party, I am not welcome to participate. The only voice they care about is the pro-abortionists.

I could go on and on about how the Democratic Party has alienated so many in our community except in the northeastern big cities and the “left” coast. The answer is not to simply attack as racists or spreaders of “hate speech” as Adam Stoler and Steve Siegelbaum have in their comments. 

I applaud Alvin Gordon for his excellent analysis of Saul Alinsky and his radical leftist policies that are being followed by today’s leaders in the Democratic Party (“Why does Alinsky get so much ink?” Nov. 9). The result of these ideas is President Donald Trump.

Are you leftists happy with that? I sure am.

Dennis Donofrio