Not sleeping well over North Korea


To the editor:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Americans that we can “sleep well,” despite the president’s outrageously provocative, thoughtless threats to North Korea and the North Korean president’s equally provocative threats.

Highly experienced government officials from previous American administrations and experts in the North Korean political situation agree unanimously that the only way to proceed to handle this incredibly perilous situation rationally is through diplomacy.

I have very fortunately never lived in a war zone, but I vividly remember the fears and nightmares I had about the atomic bomb when I was an elementary school student during the 1950s when we regularly had to “take cover” — curl up under our desks — as if doing so would save us in the event of a nuclear attack.

I am sure that many millions, if not billions, of children as well as adults around the world are quite unable to “sleep well” at night in light of the ever-present incendiary threats emanating from the mouths of the American and North Korean presidents. 

Has the terror of countless humans occurred to President Trump? 

Perhaps if his older grandchildren, or a group of kids ranging in age from, say, eight to 16, came to him in person and expressed their fears to him, he might begin to have a glimmer of a realization of how terrifying his words are.

Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka — have you thought about taking such steps to assuage the fears of your own children?

Miriam Helbok

Miriam Helbok


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ANd meanwhile, just a week after this letter was written, North Korea has backed down from all their threats and this incident has blown over.

Friday, August 18
Democrap 4 life

We libertards and democvraps will never let the truth get in the way of our spewing anti republican rhetoric

Just because North Korea was created by Harry the coward Truman and the morons in Jolly old England had a piece of toilet paper being waved around stating "peace in our time" does not mean there is no place for cowards on earth.

Like Vietnam many ran off to Canada or did a Wild Bill Clinton and totally avoided the draft and waited until the "polce action" was over before they came back and became professors or became political science majors criticizing everything but not actually getting involved in the actual conflict

I wonder how much US tax money went to ISIS and to Mexican drug cartels and weapons under the Obama watch?

Friday, August 18

Quite a bit Democrap. It was no secret to anyone with half a brain and an internet connection to reaearch it that ISIS is/was a total fabrication and creation of the American/Saudi/Israeli deep state crime syndicate. They were armed, trained, funded, housed and given tactical support by the CIA and other rogue intelligence agencies and Obama and Clinton were 100% behind it. The idea was to create a false enemy in countries like Syria (or anywhere else they were needed to further US geopolitical plans) so we had an excuse to go in and "topple them," but in reality topple whatever leader we wanted out. Luckily Russia saw thru this BS and stood up to the US in Syria. Putin, far from being the madman he is characterized by the McCaryites on the left, was actually a sane and sober peacemaker who, in the real world, made decisions that allowed the world to avoid WWIII. Democrats who are now blaming the worlds problems on Putin would be well advised to look inwars at the decades of crimes, foreign and domestic, that they have carried out to the detriment of us, but to the benefit of their banker masters.

FOr those with minds to do further study on these topics, here's Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh talking to Infowars about the Obama/ISIS alliance.


And don't even try to downplay Infowars. Despite Alex Jones being a blowhard, no other news organization was so right about the Trump phenomenon way before the election, so I give them a lot of credibility on other issues as well. After all, they didn't lie to me about WMD like the New York Times did. Infowars actually told me in 2002 about the WMD story being a total lie.

Saturday, August 19
BBC is who I trust

Thank you truthteller as

The Clinton News Network (CNN) cannot be trusted

Nation Bull Chit station (NBC)

More Sh&% Nationally Broadcast (MSNBC)

Communist Bull Station (CBS) has the best newscasters money can buy and they would never allow the truth to get in the way of their story telling IMHO

Thursday, August 31