Not sleeping well over North Korea


To the editor:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Americans that we can “sleep well,” despite the president’s outrageously provocative, thoughtless threats to North Korea and the North Korean president’s equally provocative threats.

Highly experienced government officials from previous American administrations and experts in the North Korean political situation agree unanimously that the only way to proceed to handle this incredibly perilous situation rationally is through diplomacy.

I have very fortunately never lived in a war zone, but I vividly remember the fears and nightmares I had about the atomic bomb when I was an elementary school student during the 1950s when we regularly had to “take cover” — curl up under our desks — as if doing so would save us in the event of a nuclear attack.

I am sure that many millions, if not billions, of children as well as adults around the world are quite unable to “sleep well” at night in light of the ever-present incendiary threats emanating from the mouths of the American and North Korean presidents. 

Has the terror of countless humans occurred to President Trump? 

Perhaps if his older grandchildren, or a group of kids ranging in age from, say, eight to 16, came to him in person and expressed their fears to him, he might begin to have a glimmer of a realization of how terrifying his words are.

Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka — have you thought about taking such steps to assuage the fears of your own children?

Miriam Helbok

Miriam Helbok