Officer shot in Yonkers not far from Vannie


It wasn’t in the Bronx, but it was sure close.

A Yonkers police officer is expected to recover Monday night after she was shot in the chin less than a mile north of Van Cortlandt Park.

Officer Kayla Maher, 26, was responding to a suspicious vehicle call when she and her partner found themselves in the middle of a gunfire fight. 

The officers pulled up behind the reported vehicle around 8 at the intersection of Rumsey Road and Park Hill Avenue, according to police. But as soon as Maher and her partner stepped out of their car, one of the people from the vehicle opened fire. 

Nearly 60 rounds were fired, according to police, with the unnamed alleged perpetrator getting injured himself. He was arrested, but was being treated in a nearby hospital in critical condition as of Tuesday morning.  

Maher was taken to Jacobi Medical Center where police said she is expected to make a full recovery.

Tattooed perps get nabbed 

For most folks, tattoos can be a fun and artistic form of expression. But they do tend to make you stand out in a crowd. 

That sticking out part is especially true if you just tried to rob someone at knifepoint. At least that’s what police said about two men they claim tried to steal a man’s car Sept. 20.

The two suspects — who police said both sported tattoos that covered a good portion of their faces — allegedly approached the victim while he was parking his car near the 200 block of West Kingsbridge. They were interested in either his money or his car. 

They got neither, police said, as the victim managed to get away. But then he followed his would-be robbers until police arrived to arrest them. 

Thanks to the tattoos, police said, the man had no problems identifying the alleged thieves. 

Two pricey bikes 

A family found themselves out a good chunk of money (and sentimental value) after cops say someone broke into their home and stole their bikes. 

The burglars seemed to have broken into an unlocked garage on the 4400 block of Post Road on Sept. 23, making off with what police were “very expensive bicycles.”

50th Precinct deputy inspector Terence O’Toole said his detectives are still on the case, but thought it might be a chance to remind people no matter how safe they think they are, they should always lock their doors.