Pick up after your dog


To the editor:

After visiting the Spuyten Duyvil branch of the New York Public Library on Jan. 16, I could not help but notice the huge amount of dog feces on the lawn facing Independence Avenue and along Seton Park.

Perhaps people think that snow accumulation is an excuse to not pick up after their dogs. 

Every dog owner has the responsibility to pick up after their dog, even in inclement weather. 

Owning a dog comes with responsibilities, which include cleaning up dog waste.

Dog feces are not good fertilizer, and they are not biodegradable. It is unsightly and obviously not hygienic.

Neighbors who do not clean up after their dogs are rude, disrespectful law breakers. They are subject to $250 fines for not cleaning up after their dogs. Unfortunately, there is little or no enforcement of the “pooper scooper law” in Riverdale.

The only solution to this problem is convincing people that public spaces are not public toilets. Our sidewalks, parks and public spaces belong to all of us. Inconsiderate dog owners will not be tolerated.

Rhea Varadi

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Rhea Varadi