Remove hate from New York City


To the editor:

On Saturday, Aug. 12, a young woman in Charlottesville, Virginia, was deliberately mowed down by an angry white man in a car. The man, and many others who came to Charlottesville to “Unite the Right,” was angry that a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee might be removed from a city park.

The man was angry that white Europeans must share the United States with people of many ethnicities and religions. The man was so angry that he killed Heather Heyer and injured more than 19 others, plowing into a young, sneakered crowd of sweet, courageous people carrying signs that read “love” and “solidarity.”

Here in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle, a statue of Christopher Columbus — the first European perpetrator of genocide against native peoples of the western hemisphere — towers over West 59th Street.

In front of the Museum of Natural History on Central Park West, Theodore Roosevelt sits astride a horse flanked by crouching figures of a Native American and an enslaved African. In Henry Hudson Park in the Spuyten Duyvil neighborhood of Riverdale, on one side of a towering statue of the famed explorer, a loin-clothed native man goes down on one knee, his arms full of gifts for the scowling white man looming over him. 

These and other celebrations of subjugation and genocide must be removed from New York City. Statues honoring Confederate figures were placed throughout the south and in many other parts of the country beginning in the late 19th century, coinciding with the romanticizing of the Civil War and the “gallant” south, the emergence of Jim Crow, and the widening and deepening of systemic violence against blacks in the form of lynching, red-lining, and other instruments of terror and discrimination.

Removal of these “monuments” is just one small step in a national process of divesting from deeply engrained, hundreds-of-years-long patterns and systems of racism.

But the symbolism of rejecting the hate and terror that removal of these statutes can embody is meaningful. Their removal won’t erase history or right wrongs. Their removal will simply mean that we consciously choose to live without physical symbols that honor and hold up systemic, racist terror, violence and subjugation.

On Wednesday, Aug. 16, in the wake of the tragedy in Charlottesville — which Donald Trump attributed to murderous neo-fascists and counter-protesters alike — Bronx Community College president Thomas A. Isekenegbe announced that busts of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson would be removed from the college’s Hall of Fame for Great Americans. 

Isekengbe’s statement read, in part, “For 60 years, Bronx Community College has remained committed to reflecting its values of diversity and inclusion in all of its actions and statements. Embracing differences includes creating space where all people feel respected, welcomed and valued.”

A group called the Daughters of the Confederacy placed the busts at BCC in 1923. Today, a man from Nigeria announced their removal, in a move called for by council members Melissa Mark-Viverito, Ritchie Torres and Fernando Cabrera. 

May the statues continue to fall, and justice and love rise up in their place.

Jennifer Scarlott

Jennifer Scarlott,


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Democrap 4 life

Ok lets remove all statues that some moron may find offensive

After all General Lee was American and so was Abe Lincoln so they are hated by Americans in the north and in the south

Also in many Muslim countries they find a cross very offensive and go into cemeteries knocking down statures and breaking crosses

I find the Clinton's highly objectionable with their lying and no morals and no self respect so any reference to them must be removed from history books

Christmas lighting is highly offensive to non Christians and should not be allowed in America

Jews place a menorah by the monument DISGRACEFUL flaunting their beliefs on others.

General Lee attended West Point and Lincoln offered Lee command of the Union Army and Lee did not want to invade his home state . So west point is responsible for Lee's education and should be torn down to be politically correct

At what point do we stop trying to erase American history where both sides were Americans fighting for what they believed in ?

As a disabled veteran I will always honor both side of the troops that perished in the civil war as these were Americans fighting for their beliefs

Friday, August 25, 2017

"Young, sneakered crowd of people holding signs that said love?"

Come on, even for you this has got to be one of the most ignorant things ever written. Although the paid provocateurs on the right were/are absolute morons, the people on the so-called left at Charlottsville were hardly peace and love supporting. They were masked Antifa thugs, in the pay of George Soros, who violently attacked people with bats, clubs, pepper spray, mace and other weapons.

Here's another exapmle of one of your "love" sign holder, who's now being charged with four counts of violent assault for striking someone with a bike lock many months ago:


I know that as part of an organization most likely funded in part by Soros money that you of course are playing the part your leftist banker masters assign to you, and you most likely believe every word you are saying, but your letter is both dripping with class and race hatred and you should be ashamed.

Also, I'd like to ask you where was the outrage about these statues a month ago? Now all of a sudden, as if on cue (which is most likely is) we have a huge problem with statues in our society?

Jennifer, I know you're well meaning and probably earnestly believe everything you write, but you're becoming a real parody of yourself here. If ever there was an archetype of a clueless foundation funded leftist working to institute Wall Streets view of the world you are it. Quite amazing actually that someone like you actually exists in this world, but as a freedom loving person you have that right. I just respoectfully ask that you just leave the rest of us alone please and keep your hangups to yourself. Seriously, no one really wants to hear your pie in the sky and utterly ignorant of true history beliefs anymore.

Now watch, the "peace and love" brigade is going to try to censor me and get me banned from this site.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ok, quick quiz for my brothers and sisters on the left side of the spectrum. Do you agree with the following statements/questions.

1) Do you want to see an end to the wars started by Bush, continued by Obama, and now unfortunately contiuned by Trump?

2) Do you believe we should take care of our own communites, whether poor whites in Appalachia or poor blacks in the urban ghettoes?

3) Do you want to see a sane and controlled legal immigration process?

4) Do you believe in personal liberty and freedom from excessive government intrusion into your life?

If you said yes to any of these, congratulations, you agree with a typical Trump supporter and voter. Unfortunately these campaign promises ended up being betrayed by Trump no doubt, but the fact remains that there are millions on the right who would probably make great allies with millions on the left who want these same things. Wouldn't it be great to put these artificial divisions behind so we can group up and fight the real enemy? Or would you rather engage in another 100 year argument over "race" which will never be resolved, mainly because everybody is a little bit racist, as the old Avenue Q song went. And that includes your so-called minorities who if given a chance always seem to end up grouping together just like whites do if given a chance. But we are ALL being screwed by the elite!

Saturday, August 26, 2017
Jennifer Scarlott

Prunes are a time-honored antidote. You all can take your abuse and shove it. Vis-a-vis the parody comment, your projection is showing.

Two more serious offerings: 1. The eternal assumption that I'm funded by Soros always cracks me up. I'm funded by no one. 2. There is a point of agreement -- there is far too little focus on the ruling elites.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Truthteller, it's amusing to me that for someone who judges others characters so readily and even arrogantly admits they misjudged Trump. You attached what you wanted to see to him, and others who looked at him did not. So much for your ability to judge.

Your list of things you believe Trump followers believe, and therefore justify voting for him, is simplistic but even then, if taken seriously, means a lot of other things were disregarded that should undermine that list.

The focus on statues would not have occurred if some of the race language had not come out of Trump supporters and Trump for the last couple years.

Your excellent ability to judge should have told you that.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

To JS and SJC, please reread my posts. I am not on the Trump train anymore. I completely withdrew my support early on when I saw where he was actually going, and completely withdrew it once he made his announcement on Afghanistan last week. HOw about instead of fighting Civil War II you get some encouragement from the fact that his base of support is eroding rapidly and now is the time to come together with people like me who agree with people like you on probably 75 percent of issues. If we agree on peace over war, economic uplift, stopping police brutality and restoring civil liberties here at home then we have more than enough to com together on. Wedge issues created by the media such as Transgender this and race that should be left for another day because every time we fight uselessly over those issues some Wall Street banker is screwing us over and laughing at us because he knows these issues are red meat for dummies.

Or you can continue to "fight against racism" and "social justice" and watch how in 50 years your progeny are still fighting those battles. Jeez, Civil War I is still being fought in the minds of some southerners and you think you're gonna "end racism." Just promise me that when you eradicate white racism that you then address racism in the black community, then you can focus on racism amongst differering class structures in Puerto Rico and Dominican REpublic. Then you can fight racism amongst black Africans. and so on and so on.................................

Sunday, August 27, 2017

And to help prove my above points, I just found this article from NPR about how 12 percent of Bernie voters voted for Trump. Were they racist homophobic bigots waiting with pitchforks and ropes too?

This proves how a powerful coalition could be formed with Bernie supporters and the vast majority of Trump voters who, like me, voted for him because he promised to end wars and focus on economic issues at home. BOth of these groups, the Bernie voters and the Trump voters, were totally betrayed. The Bernie supportes were betrayed by Hilary and Wasserman-Schultz who conspired to rig the primaries for the eminently unlikeable and clearly unpopular Hilary. And the Trump supporters have been let down by Trump himself.

How bout we put this BS narrative of a "racist in every teapot" and come together as a somewhat unified front against the empire? The numbers are showing that there is real cause for hope here. Don't squander any remaining good will by keeping up with these outlandish accusations of a racist groundswell.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

woops, for gotto link the NPR article


Sunday, August 27, 2017
Democrap 4 Life

Yes lets pull out and RUN away from Afghanistan as it would be the right thing to do and we could then send the arms to Mexico with a continuation of "fast and furious"

It would be a lot cheaper to allow ISIS and other terrorist groups to come here by way of Mexico so we can save a fortune fighting them here rather then looking for then over seas and we would not need the navy to transport troops or even use jets saving billions in fuel saving the earth from global warming

Harry (run away ) Truman was totally responsibly for North Korea and Vietnam

Who can ever forget that amazing peace keeper Neville Chamberlain that stated "peace in our time" waving a roll of toilet paper signed by Mr.

Adolf Hitler . What an amazing moment seeing Neville smiling with his accomplishment

History has proven over and over we must start a war and run like Jimmy Carter did and caused the problems we now have with Iran

Friday, September 1, 2017
Michael Hinman

Just a reminder that personal attacks will be removed. Let's please stay on the topic, and not the people.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017