Rename the Hudson River


To the editor:

(re: “Some take issue with Henry Hudson statue,” Aug. 31)

I can tolerate historical memorials to Henry Hudson even though his behavior toward aboriginals he encountered was atrocious.

But we ought to change the name of the river named for him to the Seeger River. Pete Seeger did much more for it and its valley than anyone in history.

Alan Saks

Alan Saks


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John Nimby

The river should be renamed for Clifford Millburn Holland, the man who made it possible to travel across the river not by boat, rail, or air, but in the manner God and Mother Earth intended: a private automobile, preferably with just a single occupant, powered by volatile fossil fuels. The Holland River.

| Friday, September 15

Jennifer, your comments are ridiculous.

Friday, September 15
Jennifer Scarlott

Almost funny and quite peculiar, "TruthTeller," your recent penchant for pretending that you believe that "John Nimby" is myself. You surely have your own mysterious reasons for, and glean your own enjoyment from, these shenanigans. A new twist on troll-dom.

The two of you (ah, wait!, perhaps the two of you are actually one!), certainly keep the humor flowing in the comments threads of The Press. The circular firing squad has its points. But at the same time, very sad, for those of us who read and engage with the paper for serious reasons. I wish The Press would require those who comment to use their actual names.

Saturday, September 16
John Nimby

Ms. Scarlott frankly my dear I don't give a damn if you think I'm Manny, but you better belive that I am serious.

I am every Riverdalian who doesn't want homeless, hipsters, tall buildings, mass transit, bike lanes, traffic lights, multifamily housing, coffee shops, record stores, or any reason for anyone to ever want to visit the neighborhood. I am the people who feel the VCP path should be in the same natural condition as the NY&P left it in the 1970's. I am the people who know that if we got rid of buses and lights and sidewalks and put in more asphalt for gas burning vehicles we'd be able to get from the Henry Hudson statue to the North Riverdale post office in 2 minutes, the way it was back when the neighborhood was known as SHORACKKAPPOCK.


John Nimby

| Monday, September 18