Wasting tax money


To the editor:

According to reliable sources, Tom Price — the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services — recently took more than two dozen flights on private planes that cost a total of about $400,000.

He virtually acknowledged that himself when he told an interviewer that he would temporarily refrain from continuing that practice.

Reportedly, the department will investigate these outlays.

What is there to investigate? What emergency could possibly require Tom Price to get somewhere so quickly that using private jets would be justified? Is his attending or speaking at any event so vital to the security of the country?

Not likely. I’ve seen suggestions that he uses Skype when he needs to have meetings with people not close by. Skype has served millions of people living halfway around the world from each other very well. Why can’t Mr. Price do that instead of wasting taxpayer money so egregiously?

Miriam Helbok

Miriam Helbok


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Love to pay tax

As a democrap I feel it is only right to allow our elected officials to spend as much time away from their jobs as they see fit.

When my Lord and master Dinkins wanted to play tennis and allow his friends to buy pink leather couches I felt he was justified

When the Bamaman took his family, friends and the friends of his mother in law and his mother in laws friends on multi million dollar vacations he was right to use his "entitlements"

When Queen Pelosi spent over 100 MILLION using air force jets as her taxi service that was justified as this is how we "spread the wealth" using other peoples funding

When Mrs. Clinton was allowed to use air force one for traveling for her campaign I felt the money was well worth spend to stop an republican or independent from getting into office

When our honorable mayor wants to stop to relax before coming to work its racism to criticize Wilhelm from taking naps, going home early or coming to work several hours later then any other mayor (except Dinkings)

Anyone remember the 100 million dollar tax funded vacation in Spain enjoyed by the secrete service with the bimbos?

The very last thing we democraps need is someone to ask for accountability or want us to cut spending

Lucky our mayor has plans for NYC and please do not look over his shoulder

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