Police Beat

A homecoming not-so-celebration


Even though the Bronx has a tough reputation, there are still some good people out there, as evidenced by one thankful person.

A woman told police she was on Broadway at West 233rd Street around midday on Sept. 17, packing stuff into her parked car. While she was busy and distracted, she told investigators she placed her purse in a weird place: Atop a city trash can.

Once she got her items in the car, she turned to find a can full of regular old trash, but not her purse, according to police.

The next afternoon, police said she called them back letting them know a passerby found her purse with all her stuff still inside near where she was parked.

Unrealized debt

A 76-year-old woman living on the 4900 block of Henry Hudson Parkway told police Sept. 24 she received a letter from an official-sounding person stating they’d sent her $1,400 by mistake. They needed her to reimburse them with cash as soon as possible.

The woman withdrew the money from her account and mailed it, according to the police report. It turns out that the woman was scammed, and officers are looking for those responsible.

Gun-happy jerk threatens cops

Making a threat to harm anyone is extremely serious, especially when it’s the men and women in uniform who keep neighborhoods safe.

Thankfully, police picked up one man before he was able to carry out his threats.

A man living in the 3400 block of Irwin Avenue reportedly called 911 around 3:15 p.m., on Sept. 22 asking police to respond to his home, according to reports, because he planned to shoot them.

“I will kill them,” the man allegedly told the 911 operator. “I will shoot the police.”

Authorities did come out to the 46-year-old man’s home, but arrested him without incident.