A new year brings new tire thefts here


It didn’t take long into 2020 for the community’s tired refrain of tire theft to suddenly make an appearance.

The victimized vehicle was a black Honda Civic parked near Henry Hudson and Manhattan College parkways Jan. 3. When the driver returned,  he found all four tires and rims had been stolen, and the thief hadn’t even had the courtesy to leave the car up on blocks — it was left flat on the ground.

The estimated value of the stolen tires and rims was about $2,000. With no witnesses or security cameras, police don’t have much to go on.

Neighborhood watch needed

A sharp-eyed neighbor had a poor start to a Sunday afternoon after noticing the fence in front of his neighbor’s house had been cut.

Upon further investigation, he realized the garage door was also damaged, and promptly alerted the homeowner. Thanks to the neighbor’s help, the homeowner checked out the damage, discovering someone had broken in and stolen a collection of tools from inside the garage.

Police are looking to see if nearby security cameras caught anything. But for now, the thief who took off with tools valued around $700 is unknown.

Campus thief breaks glass and rules

Manhattan College found itself the perhaps unlikely victim of a burglary one recent winter weekend.

Someone cut through a construction site adjoining the school’s engineering building on Corlear Avenue in the very early morning hours of Sunday, Jan. 5.

Camera footage caught the person entering the building. Once they got inside, the thief broke glass and doors, making  off with equipment kept inside.

An arrest was made, but police are still investigating exactly what was stolen from the building.

Not quite a theft

A driver found himself the victim of some “criminal mischief” Jan. 7 when he returned to his vehicle to find the passenger side window broken and removed.

He had parked his 2018 Jeep near Douglas Avenue and West 235th Street around 7 p.m., and discovered the damage the following morning.

The window was the only thing removed from the car, however — everything inside remained in its place.

Helpful friend gets unhelpful hit

A man waiting to pick a friend up from work got a nasty surprise while sitting in his car.

He was waiting near Independence Avenue and West 236th Street on Jan. 5 when a  man walked up to his car, punched him in the face, and stole some of the car’s contents. The assailant ran off, leaving the driver with bruising to the face and an unknown amount of property lost.

Police are investigating.