A three-in-one crime


It might be a good idea for drivers to check on their vehicle if they intend to leave it on the street for a few days — Even if it doesn’t go missing, they might not return to find it in mint condition.

A man told police that his driver had parked his 2018 Chevrolet truck with an attached trailer hauling two cars on top at 6465 Broadway on the evening of July 17. Sometime between that night and the next time he saw the trailer — early in the morning of July 21 — someone had vandalized the trailer and both vehicles parked on it.

Damage exceeded $250, police said, and included slashed tires.


Don’t leave it all in your car

It was a jackpot for one thief walking along Broadway on the night of July 24, police said, as he stumbled upon a car packed to the gills with goodies.

A man parked his vehicle on the 5500 block of Broadway on the evening of July 25, according to police, discovering it had been broken into when he returned the next morning. While damage to the car was minimal, damage to the owner’s wallet was significant.

The thief made off with around $3,500 in cash, a Social Security card, a credit card, a birth certificate, a book bag, and some business documents.

All in all, police said, the victim reported more than $13,000 in stolen property. The details of the vehicle were not available, nor was camera footage.

Police are investigating the case.


Watch your back while you wait

It’s normal to get a little nervous about strangers when you’re riding the bus or the subway — someone might just get a little too close, and we all know someone who has had their phone or wallet slipped out of their pocket in close quarters.

Turns out, waiting for your own car can be a little bit dangerous, too. A man waiting for his vehicle at a parking lot at 2820 Heath Ave., reported being approached by a strange man on the evening of July 25, police said.

The man was carrying a gun and asked the victim if he wanted to die, police said. The answer was a resounding “no.” The man then ran toward West Kingsbridge Road, where police searched for him, turning up nothing.

Authorities are searching for a man the victim described as about 5-foot-4 white, weighing about 125 pounds with long black hair and a medium skin tone.