Artists come together at two locations to answer Bronx Calling

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Other artists at Wave Hill explored their cultural identities through their work. Bronxite Glendalys Medina’s performed piece was about embodying the persona of a master of ceremonies.

“On top of the podium I recite my own lyrical creations, it’s kind of like poetry, kind of like rapping, kind of like spoken word,” Ms. Medina said. “I was trying to transform myself into the four elements of hip-hop.”

Artists in the Marketplace is a 31-year-old program that provides networking opportunities for emerging New York artists with the goal of introducing them to a wider audience. Each year, a five-person panel assembled by the Bronx Museum selects 36 artists to participate in the program, which comprises 13 weekly seminars. 

Mr. Enright said the program helped unite him with other New York artists he might not have had the chance to work with otherwise.

“Sometimes artists are in competition with each other, but in AIM we are a community,” Mr. Enright said.

CORRECTION: The article originally misstated the identity of one of Mr. Figueroa's sculptures. The piece depicts a 19th century upper-class socialite and a 1940's middle-class worker.

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