Boxes lacking laptops, drivers jacking Jeeps


Customers looking to do business inside the 50th Precinct had a pretty interesting few weeks heading into Halloween, with some being duped while others were the dupers, according to police.

It started Oct. 21 around 6 p.m., when a 30-year-old man found himself out more than $1,600 after picking up a package from a local pharmacy, only to find his new laptop was gone.

He found a slip from UPS on his front door, according to police, telling him his new Apple MacBook was awaiting him at Sedgwick Pharmacy, 3887 Sedgwick Ave. 

When he got home and opened it, police said, there was no laptop to be found.

In an unrelated case, it was a customer police said tried to pull the wool over the eyes of Riverdale Chrysler.

According to a report, a 34-year-old walked into the 5869 Broadway dealership hoping to drive away in an $85,000 Jeep.

The problem, cops say, is he gave the car dealer fraudulent personal information, specifically a fake Pennsylvania license plate and registration. When an employee there realized there was an issue verifying the man’s credentials last Friday, police reached out and asked the new car owner to come by and clear up the issue.

When the man arrived, police charged him with grand larceny auto.


Auto shop’s identity stolen

An auto parts store in Kingsbridge Heights found itself the victim of identity theft Oct. 21 when someone wrote a check for nearly $5,000 in the shop’s name.

The owner of Armory Auto Parts at 2717 Reservoir Ave., told police he was conducting a regular check of the store’s finances when he realized someone had written a check for $4,917 without anyone’s knowledge or approval.

Cops are still investigating the grand larceny case.