Bronx united against FreshDirect

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Bronx Climate Justice North stands with Bronx Climate Justice South, South Bronx Unite and countless individuals and community organizations fighting for a healthy, dignified, sustainable future. We stand as one against FreshDirect, against a heavier and heavier burden on our children’s lungs, against corporate welfare and against the Hobson’s choice offered by companies like FreshDirect to communities historically viewed as “sacrifice zones.” The billionaire moguls of FreshDirect seem to be saying to South Bronx residents, “Your health is shot, anyway. Unemployment rates in your community are high. Our offer to you: give us land on your precious waterfront, and we’ll give you a non-living-wage job with no benefits.”

This proposal is an insult to the entire borough. But the Bronx also faces a moment of great opportunity, with the Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan. It has the enthusiastic support and involvement of a wide swathe of the borough, and extensive city and state support. Please urge Mayor de Blasio to oppose the NYC subsidy for FreshDirect at this link. And submit a public comment in support of the Mott Haven-Port Morris Plan, by Wednesday, Dec. 17 here.

The Bronx is at a crossroads: the FreshDirect plan will further damage residents’ health while failing to provide livable employment; the Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan will create community-friendly, sustainable, climate-resilient access to the Harlem River for the first time in living memory. The choice is clear.

Jennifer Scarlott is a founding member of Bronx Climate Justice North and a resident of Riverdale. Point of view is a column open to all.

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