Capt. Ryan Pierce is 50th Precinct's new CO


Capt. Ryan Pierce was named as the new commanding officer of the 50th Precinct in December.

The 17-year veteran replaces Capt. Filastine Srour who left the position in August and is now a captain at the Patrol Borough Bronx.

Before joining the 50th Precinct, Pierce worked at the 44th Precinct, the Patrol Borough Bronx, the 47th Precinct and the 40th Precinct. He became a police officer in July 2006, then a lieutenant in May 2012 and a captain in April 2020.

He has made a total of 82 arrests on the job, according to NYPD Online, with 71 of those being misdemeanors and 11 felonies. Last year he made $240,000, according to 50-a.org.

His predecessor took the job in January 2023, replacing Capt. Charles Girven.

Some of the training the new C-O has had to undertake in December were on processing civilian complaints, LGBTQIA plus diversity and inclusion, effective communication for people hard of hearing, elder abuse and opioid dangers such as fentanyl and carfentanil.

— Eric Harvey

Ryan Pierce, 50th Precinct, commanding officer, Filastine Srour, NYPD