Connor Mahony makes University of Nebraska's dean's list


Connor Mahony from greater Riverdale, with a 4.0 GPA, was one of more than 6,400 students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to make the dean’s list for the spring semester.

Qualifications for the distinction vary among the eight undergraduate colleges and the Explore Center at the university. If the student is double majoring, they can be on the dean’s list for more than one college.

Mahony is a computer engineering major. In that school, the requirement is a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average. The College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, College of Architecture, and College of Education and Human Sciences remain the highest at 3.75.

The public research university was a chartered “land grant” university in 1869 to create opportunities for Nebraskans.

The average grade point average at the school is higher than 3.5, making it strongly competitive.

It is considered to be the top tier of national research universities.

Justin Hill makes Dean College dean’s list

Justin Hill, a junior and sports broadcasting major, earned his place on the dean’s list at Dean College for the spring semester. The institution recognized Hill because of his profound commitment to his studies.

Hill will also receive his Associate of Science in sports management next year.

The sports broadcasting student reports for The Dean Daily — a student-run newspaper. He also created video content for the Dean TV News Network and is a sports broadcaster on the radio talk show on campus.

Outside his major, he is a fitness assistant at the Holly & Jan Koke’s Fitness Center — one of the institution’s two gyms.

Also, he is a community advisor, where he is the liaison between student life staff and residential students.

He has interned for BronxNet Community Television, supporting the broadcasting team and more.

Supporting the community for more than 150 years, Dean College is a private, residential, not-for-profit institution that is fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

It is situated in Franklin, Massachusetts, near Boston and Rhode Island.

Like Manhattan College, Dean College was once Dean Academy, which was all male and offered preparation for a four-year college or university. The junior college fundamentally provided a preparation in vocational training and was not accredited.

In 1957, Dean Academy class graduated and welcomed women.

Three big changes happened to the school in the late 90s: the school changed to Dean College, the mascot was changed from Red Demons to Bulldogs and a new president was appointed.

Julia Miranti makes Quinnipiac University’s dean’s list

Julia Miranti, a media studies and advertising student at Quinnipiac University, was named to the dean’s list.

She is part of the 3+1 program, an accelerated dual-degree program designed to earn graduate and undergraduate degrees most efficiently and economically possible.

Sabrina Hernandez has also made the dean’s list at the school.

Both students earned a grade point average of 3.5 with no grade lower than a C. Full-time students must complete 14 credits in a semester.

At the same time, part-time students must complete at least six credits during a semester.

The university is a private institution where students engage in an educational experience that is both personal and challenging for faculty who care about student outcomes.

They offer dual-degree programs to over 6,000 undergraduate students. More than 2,000 graduate, doctoral, law, and medical students are from 60 countries.


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