Don't blame Trump just because the world is a mess


(re: “Trump is nation’s greatest threat,” July 13)

I could hardly contain my caustic laughter reading Mike Gold’s Point of View about Trump being our nation’s greatest threat after eight years of President Obama and secretaries of state John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. The world we now live in is the result of actions taken and not taken in the last eight years.

A brief recap is in order. With the total collapse of discussions concerning our “status of forces agreement” with Nouri al-Maliki and his Shiite-dominated government, President Obama announced the complete withdrawal of our forces by December 2011. In his speech of that same month, he announced leaving a “sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq.”

As late as January 2014, despite instability in Iraq, President Obama would describe the growing Sunni militant group known as ISIS as “a junior varsity basketball team as compared to al-Qaida.” 

It was during this time that Secretary of State Kerry along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were making trips to Syria to convince the Assad regime to divorce itself from Iran, democratize his country, and join the peaceful worldwide community of nations. Hillary Clinton was even quoted and later criticized for saying she thought he was a reformer, remember?

In March 2011 came our military intervention into Libya, an action taken by President Obama without Congressional approval and under the implementation of a United Nations resolution with the military support of a handful of NATO allies. Under the guise of stopping “crimes against humanity,” we murdered the leader of that country, toppled its government, and fueled an even bigger civil war.

Libya today remains a chaotic state without a strong central government. 

Along with the murder of our diplomat and servicemen in Benghazi came the flow of Gaddafi Tuareg soldiers armed with unsecured Libyan weapons into Northern Mali. The result of which was another four-year conflict in that country.

And you, Mr. Gold, have the gall to call Trump dangerous? Really?

Speaking of Russian connections, what about the deal Mrs. Clinton hatched with a major contributor to her Clinton Foundation, Mr. Frank Giustra, the Canadian mining mogul and leader of an enterprise called Uranium One? As part of her Russian reset plan to “strengthen Russia,” she helped to facilitate a deal whose assets included 20 percent of America’s uranium capacity.

Former president Bill Clinton would later be the keynote speaker at a seminar staged by the Kremlin-controlled Renaissance Capital in Moscow, getting paid $500,000 for an hour speck promoting the deal. Secretary Clinton, herself one of nine members of the Committee on Foreign Investment, would — via a secretive panel — get the transaction approved.

Then again in June 2010, Mrs. Clinton and her state department arranged for 22 leading venture capitalists, along with Cisco, Google and Intel, to participate and invest in Russia’s new high-tech corridor, modeled after our Silicon Valley. By 2012, 28 “key partners” — 17 of which donated millions to the Clinton Foundation — were now raising billions for the Skolkovo Foundation.

Some in our intelligence agencies saw the writing on the wall and realized this organization was giving access to sensitive, classified research and dual-use technology with military and commercial applications. To this day, the only comprehensive story that has been researched and written on the Skolkovo-Clinton connection was by the Wall Street Journal

In closing, I myself did not vote in our last national election as neither candidate had any appeal to me.