Engel fights for Jewish rights at military base


U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel is calling for an investigation into reports that Jewish service members at Fort Campbell have been deprived of access to religious services.

In a letter to defense secretary James Mattis, Engel isn’t happy with claims that Fort Campbell in Kentucky has put Jewish holidays on hold, and dismissed the base’s Jewish lay leaders without any explanation at all.

Engel wants what is known as a “15-6” investigation. 

“Members of the U.S. Armed Forces are entitled to freely exercise their religion,” Engel said, in a release. “The dismissal of Jewish lay leaders, the reports that division chaplains refused to support attempts to celebrate Passover, and the discontinuation of Shabbat services, would appear on the Constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom of the Jewish service members at Fort Campbell.”

Eliot Engel, Michael Hinman,