Fight harassing tow operators


To the editor: 

Once again, I am furious to learn of the unacceptable towing practices that had my car towed by Trio Towing in 2005 from the Key Food parking lot on 235th Street.

Apparently these crooks are back with a vengeance in 2016!

After reading the article in The Riverdale Review from Dec. 1-7, 2016, stating that my friend’s just went through this intimidating experience, I have to let my thoughts be heard once again.

I thought their despicable, unethical, illegal activities were suspended, but no!  Now they are being practiced by Riverdale Towing Associates, which is also affecting the Skyview Key Food lot, as well as the Staples lot on Broadway.

Towing companies must accept two forms of payment, whether it’s cash, credit card or a check. They are illegally not following that rule and intimidating the drivers. Spotters are also on the lookout if go across the street, even if you purchased something from a store on the lot property.

If you are a victim of their harassing, illegal, and threatening practices, I would advise you to contact Jeffrey Dinowitz’s office  immediately.

I know, because I did, and I won! I was relentless in my efforts to stop them in their tracks. I did for a while, and now it’s up to you!

     Carol Stricker