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Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford were filmed drinking Guinness and playing pool at Piper’s Kilt on West 231st Street in The Devil’s Own. The well-known bar and eatery fills in for a watering hole in Brooklyn.

A scene in The Accidental Husband shows Uma Thurman playing pool with Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Dorney and Malone’s Tavern, on Broadway at West 242nd Street.

Before Ms. Thurman gets hammered at the bar, the camera pans to an exterior shot that shows the 242nd Street No. 1 train sign replaced with a fictitious 23rd Avenue N/W sign, which is really located in Queens. 

Will Smith filmed scenes for 2007’s I Am Legend at the Kingsbridge Armory, which could possibly be turned into a film studio.

Other movies, including Going the Distance, released last year; The Seven Ups, from 1977, The Object of My Affection, from 1998, and Lady Rose’s Daughter, a 1920 silent film starring Elsie Ferguson, feature scenes shot in the area. 

Riverdale and Kingsbridge have also hosted their share of TV dramas. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit has filmed at numerous locations. Scenes from the show’s fictional Hudson University have been shot at a variety of schools throughout the city, including at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. 

Scenes from HBO’s Prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire were also recently shot in Van Cortlandt Park at the Van Cortlandt House Museum (the oldest building in the Bronx). 

Frank Sinatra and Martin Balsam filmed a scene for the 1977 TV movie Contract on Cherry Street on Fairfield Avenue, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Although many websites have noted exterior shots of the Corleone house in The Godfather were taken in Riverdale, The Riverdale Press found no evidence of that. 

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