Is single-payer health care here?


To the editor:

I am a moderate Democrat, and I have voted for our governor every time he has run.

But we can no longer afford to pay for private insurance health care when a third of people with insurance can’t access health care because of copays, deductibles and insurance company profits.

All the major studies show that single-payer is the best way to pay for universal health care. The governor’s commission to “study” universal health care is an irresponsible waste of money which should be used to start planning for the New York Health Act.

If the donations the governor is getting from the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals are more important to him than his constituents, or he is afraid of the appearance of raising taxes when he knows that the New York Health Act is self-financing, he doesn’t deserve to be our governor.

Money in the budget should be allocated to begin implementation of the New York Health Act. The legislature has voted for the act. We, the voters, have waited too long for this legislation, and this voter won’t wait any longer.

Helen Meltzer-Krim

Helen Meltzer-Krim,