It was all over a simple typo


To the editor:

(re: “Ben Franklin Club gets all judicial delegates,” June 22)

This paper buried the lede with its write-up of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club’s successful campaign to kick its competition off the ballot over a typo.

Readers should know what this fight was about.

More than 1,100 Bronxites from across the 81st Assembly District — well more than twice the required number — signed a nominating petition advancing 18 candidates for volunteer positions in the New York Democratic Party. One of the 18 addresses on that petition was off by a single digit — “3853” was misprinted as “3858.” And because that single-digit typo was fixed in the wrong way, the Ben Franklin Club sent a well-connected lawyer downtown to get those thousand-plus Bronxites and all 18 of their chosen candidates thrown out of the democratic process.

All so the Ben Franklin Club could run their candidates unopposed. Again.

Ironically, this paper misspelled my name in its write-up. One might notice that the Unity Democratic Club didn’t try to sic the Federal Trade Commission on The Riverdale Press just because “Kaminski” was misprinted as “Kaminsky.”

The Ben Franklin Club has been around for a very long time, and it clearly doesn’t like competition. More and more folks across Riverdale and the wider Bronx are starting to feel like these institutions are fighting like heck to make sure we don’t have any other options — to make sure that we stay stuck just where we are.

I certainly got that impression standing across from them in the legal proceeding they initiated over a typo.

Lewis Kaminski

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