It's free-A recession-busting special section


We gave our advertisers something for free. In return they're offering readers something for free. And below are some suggestions for things you can do for free in our area.

NO MATTER the time of year, Wave Hill is a terrific place to get a breath of nature and a rich taste of culture, with greenhouses, concerts and art on display.

KINGSBRIDGE RESIDENT Isabel Alcantara, an insurance saleswoman, takes advantage of the wireless internet and reference books at the Kingsbridge library as she studies for the GMAT.

AN INSECT alights on a farfugium blossom, below. Both Wave Hill and the Botanical Garden offer the visitors greenery and art activities for families.

WILD ANIMAL keeper Heather Tassler gets an affectionate, albeit fishy, smooch from "Indy," a California sea lion during a Friday afternoon feeding and training session at the Bronx Zoo.