Klein is not helping Democrats


To the editor:

(re: “Passing health care reform in New York isn’t easy,” Oct. 5)

Sen. Jeffrey Klein’s comment that his constituents should “leave the governing to me” is not what we want.

We elected Sen. Klein as a Democrat, and as someone who will faithfully represent his constituents, and put their interests first. 

Sen. Klein appears to us to be looking out for his own self-interest by insisting on caucusing with the Republicans.

We fear that for Sen. Klein, it is all about power (his own, as the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference, which gives the Republicans a majority in the state senate and the ability to hold up progressive legislation such as single-payer health care, immigrant protections and climate change legislation from ever reaching the senate floor for a vote).

We are quite aware of how complicated these issues may seem, but voters should not be confused, and Klein’s collusion with the Republicans should be made clear.

Sen. Klein’s unwillingness to support the ballot line he ran on and to caucus with the Democrats has allowed wealthy real estate interests to maintain their stranglehold on the senate. 

We cannot let that situation continue.

Jacqueline Gold, Annemarie Golden, Sarah Hughes, Judith Minkoff-Grey, Ruth Mullen, Dale Wolff, Sue Dodell

The authors are members of an informal advocacy group Riverdale Huddle.