Lehman College Tuesday giving events


Lehman College participated in an international, 24-hour viral philanthropy challenge, Giving Tuesday.

Over the years, using the Twitter hashtag “Lehman Giving Tuesday,” the college has raised funds to support students with scholarships, books, food banks, service-learning and more.

Last year, the college raised more than $110,000 with an effort to help students who were heavily affected by COVID-19.

The donations benefited the college’s food bank, emergency microgrants, childcare and scholarship funds.

Six schools on campus broadened the scope for this year to help donors tailor their appeals, with the Alumni Association scholarship fund and Leonard Lief Library also becoming recipients.

Donors making gifts of $200 or more are able to score tickets to several upcoming shows at the college for the performing arts. Seats for El Parrandón De La Gran Manzana, Soweto Gospel Choir, Grupo Niche, “Ain’t Misbehavin,” and the Lviv National Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine.

Donations can be accepted through Dec. 31

CUNY supports the day with their own hashtag, CUNYTuesday.

Riverdale student at Lasell

Greater Riverdale’s Khori Ellis is one of more than 350 first-year students to enter Lasell University in Massachusetts.

The school also held its UBelong festival, which showcases original research for its weeklong Connected Learning Symposium.

For the last 20 years, the event has offered a community celebration for student achievements.

Past showcase presentations include 10-minute talks, poster presentations, fashion pop-ups, performance art, film festivals, Zoom sessions and panel discussions.






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