Lessons from 'Amtrak Joe'


To the editor:

The apple, Gov. Kathy Hochul, didn’t fall far from the tree, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Both enjoy the perks of office at taxpayer expense.

Why does Hochul always have to travel via private state planes or helicopters for trips around the state? Hochul could complete her trips downstate via Amtrak with connections to the New York City transit subway, Long Island or Metro-North railroad trains to reach her final destination in Metro New York.

Upstate, there is Amtrak service to Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. 

Just like ordinary New York residents who travel with a laptop or other communication devices, she can still work and stay in touch with her office while riding Amtrak, subways, the various railroads, or sitting in the back seat of her official state vehicle.

As a U.S. Senator, President Joe Biden was known as “Amtrak Joe.”

He commuted from his Delaware home to the Washington via Amtrak on a regular basis for decades.

Why can’t Hochul emulate Biden? Forget the helicopter and private airplane trips around the Empire State. Set an example for others. Show your support for transit just like Biden, and become “Amtrak Kathy.”

Larry Penner