Lora supporters brush off IDC claims


Some of the elected officials and political groups backing Mino Lora for city council are lashing out at claims the Spuyten Duyvil non-profit director once supported the Independent Democratic Conference, saying that if that were true, they wouldn't be backing her run to topple Eric Dinowitz.

The key source of evidence for those making the claim against Lora is a $50 donation she made to state Sen. Marisol Alcantara back in 2018, one of the members of the IDC — the group of rogue Democrats in the senate led by Jeffrey Klein who would throw their support with a Republican minority and keep Democrats out of power.

Now state Sens. Alessandra Biaggi and Gustavo Rivera, the New York Working Families Party, No IDC NY, and activist Zephyr Teachout have issued a statement making it clear where Lora stands when it comes to being a Democrat.

"These are false claims that Mino supported the IDC," the groups said, in a release. "We do not endorse candidates who supported the IDC. This is particularly offensive given that one of Mino's opponents, Eric Dinowitz, was for years a strong supporter of Jeff Klein and the IDC.

"By targeting Mino with this ridiculous charge, people are letting Dinowitz off the hook, and making it more difficult to defeat him."

Lora and Dinowitz are two of a half-dozen candidates looking to represent Democrats on the ballot for the council seat. The primary to decide who will do just that is June 22.

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