Marble Hill Houses get much-needed security upgrade


Marble Hill Houses is among 23 NYCHA apartment buildings that are part of $24.1 million in safety and security upgrades, the New York City Housing Authority announced Monday.

The improvements and upgrades include new CCTV cameras layered across control installations, entrance renovations and lighting fixes at all campuses over the past year to improve the quality of life for more than 46,000 NYCHA residents. In addition to Marble Hill, which includes 11 buildings, other developments that received large scale improvements include Melrose, Millbrook and Sedgwick in the Bronx; Farragut, Hughes, Kingsborough and Pink in Brooklyn; Dyckman, Elliott, Fulton, Grant, King Towers, LaGuardia addition, Rangel in Manhattan; Pomonok in Queens and Berry in Staten Island.

The funding for these developments came from current and former legislators and government grants to cover the costs of more than 1,400 cameras, enhanced exterior lighting and entrance renovations.

The overall project is part of Mayor Eric Adams’ Blueprint for Community Safety plan to enhance living conditions within city Gun Violence Prevention Task Force priority precincts.

“The authority has made significant improvements to the security infrastructure of NYCHA developments,” stated NYCHA chief executive Lisa Bova-Hiatt. “These investments in cameras, doors, lighting and other areas were made possible through support across all levels of government. We would like to thank the legislators and agencies who marshalled the resources needed to help keep our residents safe.”

Bronx borough president Vanessa Gibson is grateful for all that has been done to bring about safe living conditions for those living in the Bronx’s NYCHA apartments.

“Bronxites have a fundamental right to feel safe and secure in their homes and with this capital allocation,” Gibson stated.

“Security cameras have a proven track record of deterring crime and keeping our residents and their families safe.

“From our seniors to domestic violence survivors, and others living in our NYCHA housing, this capital allocation is sending a clear message that the safety of our residents is top priority.”

She cited the work of the City Council, NYCHA for investing in such important additions to these housing developments.

In line with resident priorities, the new closed-circuit TVs were strategically placed at building entrances, roof landings, stairwells and other exterior and interior areas where illegal activity could occur or where unauthorized entrants could gain access, NYCHA said in a news release.

The CCTV cameras include LED lighting, a fiber optic network for supporting smart building technology and a security operating center at each building.

The cameras enable remote access and can notify operators when certain units malfunction. They are also operated by the same video management systems as New York Police Department cameras to allow for variable speed recording and 21-day footage retention.

Additional improved security features were installed at building entrances, such as enhanced exterior lighting, intercom systems, stainless-steel or steel-reinforced aluminum doors and storefronts.

Layered across control systems, which are now installed at all locations, allows for the remote ability to change access permissions without having to revoke a physical key fob or change the entry locks and customizes access in the event that an entrance is compromised by unauthorized entrants.

NYCHA’s Office of Safety and Security oversees safety and security matters across all authority properties by ensuring compliance with agency security policies and procedures, administering electronic security across all systems, installing and maintaining security hardware, conducting first-line investigations and scheduling the work of both NYCHA special officers and outside guard services.

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