New owners vow to improve troubled bar


The notorious Fenwick’s bar, located on West 238th Street between Waldo and Greystone Avenues, will soon come under new ownership and an awning bearing the name Pinstripes.

On Monday, Community Board 8 approved a liquor license transfer that will allow Anne Travaglini and Ernie Carafa to operate the bar for which they signed a contract a month ago.

Prior to approval, CB 8 members had hesitated, citing a rocky history between the community, the police and the bar, including problems with fights pouring out into the street and underage drinking. But the board eventually approved the application after a brief investigation into the two owners, both of whom have been in business for some time.

Ms. Travaglini owns the Bronxville, N.Y. flower shop Crimson Rose and her partner, Ernie Carafa, owns a pizza place.

Fenwick’s, previously dubbed the Marlin, has a reputation for years of disturbances, resulting in outlandish stories of debauchery — some true and some not — that have circulated the neighborhood. Detective Luis Rodriguez, the 50th Precinct’s community affairs officer, said the precinct has been called numerous times to deal with issues resulting from the mainly Manhattan College watering hole. The bar has received numerous citations for underage drinking and was once shut down for two weeks, according to Det. Rodriguez.

According to manager Marc Beauchamp, Mike Fenwick took over and renamed it after himself in 1998. After four years, Mr. Fenwick sold the bar, which has been operated by a string of owners and co-owners since. It is currently owned by Juan Cardoso.

Ms. Travaglini claims she does not know the history of the bar and at a Nov. 17 public safety meeting of Community Board 8, Arlene Feldmeir, chair of the Public Safety Committee, beckoned the new owners to learn more.

“I realize that this is a bar that’s near a college but I still think its possible to have a good time within the limitations of the law and good taste,” Ms. Feldmeir said, “It’s been a location that’s had problems and we hope the new owners will respect the community.”

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