News challenge at Spectrum News


If you’re a high school student and feel you are up to date on world news — prove it.

Spectrum News is hosting its own challenge looking for young contestants on a televised news competition show. As students put their event knowledge to the test, they will face off one-on-one with other students to win prizes and the title of “Spectrum News Challenge Champion.”

If you think President Barack Obama hit a milestone in Tweets during his term in 2012, join the competition. How about, after 22 years, Apple says farewell to what product? Those are some of the type of questions students will face on the show.

The nationally televised competition welcomes everyone who is— a high school junior or senior, with parent permission and proof of vaccination.  If interested, please visit

Springfield College dean’s list

Springfield College in Massachusetts named John Kenny to the dean’s list for the 2022 spring semester.

Kenny completed a minimum of 12 credits on graded coursework for the term. In addition, he didn’t have incompletes or missing grades in the designated term and kept a grade point average of 3.5. He is majoring in sports management.

Springfield College is known as the birthplace of basketball began.

It is also where the Basketball Hall of Fame is located.

Hamilton College dean’s list

Three greater Riverdale residents have been named to the Hamilton College dean’s list for the 2022 spring semester.

Hannah Lipskar, a Horace Mann School graduate, and Samantha Trombone, a  Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy graduate, are both rising sophomores.

Lucas Barusek — a May graduate from Kingsbridge — majored in computer science and economics.

These undergraduate students carried four or more graded courses throughout the semester with at least a 3.5-grade point average.

Besides their good grades, they followed the university 200-year-old motto, “know thyself.”

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