‘No moped’ sign is no more near Manhattan College, Waldo Gardens


A “no moped” sign that comforted some Riverdale residents who usually walk down a path was removed without explanation. Its removal was such a mystery that the city transportation department did not even know about.

The agency told The Riverdale Press they are investigating the missing sign connecting Waldo Avenue and Manhattan College Parkway to West 231st Street and Irwin Avenue.

Joan Kaufman, a nearby resident, had fought for enforcement, a sign or new infrastructure to  get rid of the speeding moped drivers. Her discussions were with Manhattan College and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.

But even with the installed sign, the mopeds were not staying away or decreasing their speed. And it is becoming terrifying day by day.

“Why would they (Manhattan College) put their students in harm’s way?” she said.

Freshman Jonathan Diaz told The Riverdale Press the moped can get really close as he walks by.

But it is not on purpose as the path is narrow and more challenging for the drivers to pass by during the school year when more students come.

The picturesque short path before Kelly Commons has interrupted the trail’s initial purpose. Kaufman and the Waldo Gardens building board are worried about the easy access for couriers on the path who speed.

This specific path is not only a connection for two sides of the streets. It was built for the Jasper students. It was part of the construction plan for the Kelly Student Commons building which serves as a lounge and many other purposes for students to relax between their classes.

Built nine years ago, the $45 million state-of-the-art building was dedicated after alumni Raymond Kelly, the former police commissioner.

Kelly’s classmate, Thomas O’Malley, the appointed chair of its board of trustees, last year donated $10 million to the project. Prior to his new position, he donated $25 million to enhance learning opportunities at the school of business.

As for the moped sign, residents wants answers and action.

— Stacy Driks

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