One worst landlord, many angry tenants



You wouldn’t expect decrepit conditions behind the nice new doors at 3451 Giles Place. 

However, its landlord is currently ranked the 15th worst in the Bronx on Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s watchlist and that address is the reason why. 

Van Cortlandt Village LLC is the landlord for the 15-building complex, which sits between Giles Place, Cannon Place and Sedgwick Avenue. Many of the buildings are doing just fine, according to residents, but buildings K, L, M, N and O are falling apart. 

Luis, a 30-year resident, who asked that his last name not be used, said his building, L, suffers from drainage runoff from the roof. When it rains or when snow melts, water leaks down the hallway walls and into his apartment. He said his bathroom ceiling has collapsed several times and when it is fixed, the work is done poorly.

Valerie Rodriguez’s apartment in the same building has walls that are crumbling as the result of water damage and the hallways are discolored and cracking. 

On a recent afternoon, Luis stood in his building and explained that he does not invite friends or family to visit because he is embarrassed by how it looks.

“I painted this because I couldn’t stand it anymore,” he said of the yellow hallway walls.

“I just keep calling them over and over until they get it into their heads,” he said of Colonial Management, which operates the building. 

The five buildings, comprising 64 units, has 190 open violations, all opened in the last year. 

Other buildings in the complex have their fair share of open violations as well, but the 306 open violations are split between 172 apartments.

“It’s the worst building in the neighborhood, but it’s a nice neighborhood. They just don’t keep it up,” Luis said.

When residents do get through to a person from management, they say they are constantly given excuses about materials and parts not being in for repairs.

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