Park Reservoir cooperators lose chance to oust board


An effort by Park Reservoir cooperators to hold a special election to replace the Mitchell-Lama co-op’s board was thwarted by a state agency.

A Feb. 2 letter from the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal said the agency declined to intervene to require a new election or hold a special shareholder meeting to remove the board because previous attempts to hold an election failed to generate a quorum.

“DHCR have had discussions with Housing Company’s (Park Reservoir) counsel and reviewed their written correspondence sent to shareholders to obtain explanations of the chain of events which transpired at the 2023 election,” the letter stated.

The agency was told by counsel that Honest Ballot, an independent election company, received less than the necessary 87 votes. On Oct. 26, 2023 a letter was sent by Park Reservoir to shareholders that the election would be open for another 30 days because of the lack of a quorum.

Once again, a quorum was not achieved as Honest Ballot only received 67 votes from shareholders.

“Based on our investigation, necessary efforts were made to achieve quorum,” the letter stated. “The bylaws were properly followed … In sum, the cooperative board of directors exercised their business judgment to cancel the election, which is entitled to deference under New York law.”

Jeannette Nieves, a Park Reservoir cooperator, explained how her fellow residents got into the situation in the first place.

“We petitioned in January of 2023 to remove the board of directors for the purpose of firing Amalgamated (another troubled co-op),” she said. “We called for a special meeting on Oct 11, 2023, scheduled for 10 days and we completely ignored it. Three board members actually showed up to that meeting, for the purpose of recording it.”

“On Nov. 14, we sent a formal letter to the board, management, Councilman (Eric) Dinowitz, Senator (Robert) Jackson, and Assemblyman (Jeffrey) Dinowitz.”

She added she is still waiting for responses from the electeds.

In the Feb. 2 response from DHCR, the agency wrote: “Please know that DHCR will continue to monitor the decision of the management company and board of directors at Park Reservoir to be in line with our supervisory obligations, the Private Housing Finance law and our regulations.”

Black History Month at Riverdale Y

As part of its annual celebration of Black History Month, The Riverdale Y has partnered with Mosholu Montefiore Community Center to create an exchange project.

The Y has launched a three-part Black-Jewish Teen Cultural Exchange Project where they bring together a cohort of 12 Black and/or Jewish teens to create friendships, learn about each other’s communities and build bridges, according to a news release.

“We believe that through shared experiences, conversations and learning opportunities, we can create connections that foster a stronger, more inclusive community for everyone and fill the world with more love,” said Rabbi Scott Kalmikoff, Riverdale Y director of community engagement. “As we commemorate Black History Month, let us celebrate the richness of diversity within our Riverdale Y family.”

As for other events at the Riverdale Y and/or partners, there will be some more Winter and early Spring programs taking place. They include:

• Run for Their Lives on Sundays at 10 a.m. at Seton Park (232nd Street and Independence Avenue)

• Hebrew Institute of Riverdale — The Bayit hosting a “Taking on Campus Antsemitism Panel” on Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m. on Zoom. To register, go to

• Early Childhood Center tour on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. until Feb. 21. Reach out to

• Kinneret Day School registration. To register, send email to or call (718) 548-0900.

• YouthBridge-NY is accepting applications for 2024-2026 fellowship class, a two-year fellowship open to current high school sophomores. For more information, visit

Also, the RiverdaleY will be open until 5 p.m. every Friday in March. From April until September, it will expand its hours to 6:30 p.m. on Fridays.

— Gary Larkin

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